back home again.


i am now back home in NZ after a great 2 1/2wks in Australia, where i saw my niece start school. she loves it and wants to be first to the classroom each morning!. long may that enthusiasm continue.

i didn’t do a lot of sightseeing, choosing to enjoy the swimming pool and doing a little shopping.

i spent my time on the Gold Coast of Australia. as i was taking this shot, a bird was flying towards me. i thought it was a seagull and think to much more, until i thought it was too big to be a seagull!. by the time i realised it was a pelican, it was too late to get my camera ready. thankfully it landed above me on a lamppost, so i was able to photograph it.

P1110267 P1110275

where i spent a good chunk of every day. my niece and i had lots of fun playing, as well as me just floating in the sunshine. i managed to get a bit of a tan!.


the main reason for me visit. this is the morning of the first day with my niece having a final cuddle with her beloved dog Lucy before heading off.


we spent a great afternoon at a creative store, where we all painted items.


this is what i was working on. the final product is further down.


i really liked this art installation at Brisbane airport.


i went to IKEA and brought 4 of these dishes – they are glass bottomed and freezer and microwave safe. i’m intending to stop using plastic for food storage once i’m in my own space. while these have plastic lids, i can ultimately i will get rid of the lids and use tinfoil.


i was checking out the DVD store for something for my dad when i spied this – i loved series one in the UK but saw about 2 episodes of series 2, so brought it, and decided cos of the deal, i’d get series one as well, that way if my friends want to borrow it that can start at the beginning.


more from IKEA = i spied this duvet and pillow set in London and really wanted it but knew i had no room left in the suitcase so left it. when my sister said she wanted to go shopping there it was the first thing on my wishlist!


also from IKEA – 2 baking mats to reduce the need for baking paper.


opposite IKEA is a fabric store, so we popped in. i brought 2 lenghts of fabric only, it could have been much worse!.


as mentioned in my previous post, my vintage treasures from the local car boot sale.


late last year i participate in a swap and in the end my gift was sent to my sister, so i finally got to see what i got. included were these gorgeous salt and pepper shakers and pelican tea towel.


the final result of my creative afternoon. i need to get some more orange paint because it got a bit close to some still wet navy paint on the journey home.


my sister took me to the Kaisercraft store. i had to go lightly!!. i ended up with this organiser,


santas sleigh,


and some bits and pieces for Project Life.


from a stationary store, i thought these would be fun for PL as well.


a weekly planner that sticks to the fridge.


aboriginal art fabric purse. love the colours in this.


and finally some books. i’d been good until i got the the airport bookshop!. i brought 2 books during my stay and 3 at the airport!. i read ‘Firestorm’ in 24hrs, i just loved it.



so now its time to crack on with Project Life spreads.

stay tuned!.


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