cross stitch update


while i was in Australia, i didnt do as much stitching as i had hoped i’d do. i’d set myself the goal of finishing the right hand third, plus the house in the centre.

however due to the heat and the lack of a suitable well lit place to sit i found it hard going at times. but i did try to get an hour in most days just to progress the piece along, cos i want to start my next big piece!!.

so, this is where we left off before i went to OZ…..


and this is where i’m at as of today. i managed to finished the right hand third of the panel, and begin the house in OZ, and have continued to work on the house since getting back. there’s test cricket to watch which is helping my productivity!.


a close up of the squirrel holding a carrot – very cute!.


now is also the time to be thinking about my Feb ornament of the month, and while i have a few charts to choose from now, i went with a kit i brought when i went to the Quilt and Stitch show here in Christchurch on friday. now that i’ve started it, i think it might be too big to be considered an ornament, so i may have to still stitch another one. i’ll decide once this is finished. i hope to have it finished this week, which shouldnt be hard given there are no colour changes!.


a couple of weeks ago while still in OZ, i decided to try an order from again. my first try got stuck in Canada and was in doubt of ever getting to me. the store communicated well with me at that time and in the end the order did arrive in London. so i decided to see how long it would take to get to NZ. about 10 days is the answer!. i placed an order for some more xmas ornaments as i cant seem to find alot on websites down in this part of the world.

the next 3 photos show my new charts.

the Prairie Schooler never really appeal to me on paper, but when ever i see them stitched, they are gorgeous, so i got 2 booklets with lots of options!.


more LHN, which i adore. i’m desperate to do Sleigh Bells, but i have to wait for the LNS to relocate to a new premises. i saw them at the show on friday and i know they carry all the major speciality threads that LHN and CNN seem to use, so once they have moved i’ll be in with long list!.


this is a Homespun Elegance chart and i just love the sleigh in the sky.



so there we have it, up to date and plenty of options for me to drool over!.


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  1. You’re making me feel guilty that I haven’t started my Christmas cards yet!


    You’re very naughty, you’ve got me thinking cross stitch πŸ˜‰

    MWG xxx

    • just think of all the heirloom pieces for the grandkids MWG xx. i can highly recommend Patchwork Rabbit as an online store full of cross stitch goodies in the UK. ** now disengaging enabling button ** πŸ™‚

  2. Your LHN piece is coming along well.

    Have you looked at Colours Down Under (an Australian website – for stash? I have never used them but they seem to have a large array of charts.

    I got confirmation last week that your prize is on it’s way from the States. Woohoo. Next time I really should sort out the prize before the giveaway. lol

  3. The cross stitch is coming on beautifully. Love that squirrel πŸ™‚

    Looks like you’ve got plenty to keep you busy too. I’ll look forward to seeing them stitched up.

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