February Ornament Fail!!!.


well, 2 months into my little project of stitching an ornament a month and i’m already behind!.

my excuses are = i choose the wrong pattern to stitch in the first place, and more importantly, the fabric and i are not getting on one little bit!. its 30ct linen and i am finding it really hard to stitch, even with my glasses!. i’ve had to get out the magnifying glass on more than one occasion to check the stitches are where they are meant to be!.

anyway, this is how much i’ve done…..



I’m going to work on the top of the tree today.

and just to show how much i am struggling with this, this is the first picture i showed 2 wks ago!.



i have 2 ideas in mind for this piece – finish it as per the pattern, or just do the tree and not the snow and scrolls at the bottom and finish it as a tree shaped ornament. i may end up stitching 2 ornaments in march to make up for this hiccup!.

I’m heading away down to the lakes of central Otago tomorrow or monday and taking the neighbourhood with me, because its my plan to finish that by the end of March.


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  1. Don’t feel bad – I didn’t finish my Feb ornament either, and I’m hosting the dang stitch a long! I just posted a similar post about my lack of a finish today too. I’ll catch up and finish it as well as another in March though. The beauty of this SAL is that it’s relaxed and fun and now pressure.

  2. What are the lakes of otago?
    I love what you have done so far, I think I would frame it rather than make an ornament.

  3. I agree with Ally, frame it, but finish it as designed, you’re not a quitter! What’s two ornaments in March to you? he he he
    Have a brilliant time at the lakes xxx

  4. I can’t see 30 or 32 ct either. I have to use my magnifying light. You’re making good progress considering the fabric count and it’s looking lovely 🙂

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