Ellerslie Flower Show 2014


during the week i went along to the Ellerslie Flower Show that is an annual event here in Christchurch. I’d been once many moons ago, but cant remember much about it.

it was a lovely sunny day and i got a touch of sunburn to round out the summer (today is the first day of autumn in NZ).

i took heaps of photos and have picked out some of my favourites. i’m breaking it up into 2 posts as i took loads of photos of the bonsai display as i have a bit of a liking for this form of growing. i’ll post that in a few days.

for now a feast of sunny show gardens and a few other bits and bobs….

i liked these pod like spaces and they had yellow beans growing up then as well.


always like water!.


i really liked this pergola and seating arrangement. i could see a grape vine growing over this nicely!.


i liked the pathway leading up to the home space.


the next 3 photos are of the same garden, and i really liked the changes in level and different ‘rooms’, as well as the little birdies dotted about the place.

P1110417 P1110419 P1110420

there was a competition running for scenes made out of cans, these next 2 appealed to me.

P1110428 P1110430

in the floral tent these next 2 displays tickled my fancy….can you guess what they are?!.

P1110441 P1110452

the next 3 photos are of the overall supreme winner of the show. it wasnt easy to photograph and its not a style i would have myself, but i found it very striking.

P1110458 P1110459 P1110461

this garden only had pink flowers and was very effective, and cottagey.


dotted about the show were sculptures you could buy. i liked the lake behind these 3 balls.


and as for this orang utan, while he didnt appeal to me much, i was gobsmacked at the price – $5500!.


i have a thing for trees and these limbs are interesting!.


more sculpture that you could buy.


these last 3 photos are of a garden that was designed as a refuge for Christchurch following the earthquake. it features 185 leaves in the form of a waterfall. i thought it was lovely.

P1110492 P1110527 P1110525

well, i hope you enjoyed your trip around the show. by no means Chelsea or Hampton Court Palace Flower show, but pretty good for our little corner of the world.


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  1. You obviously had a fab time, it looks amazing, a bit like Chelsea! OK, is it the caterpillar from James and the Giant Peach, or a book worm? A cat’s scratching post? At first I thought it looked a bit like a grave and tombstone, but decided on scratching pole!
    Looking forward to the bonsai displays xxx

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