I quit sugar…..sort of!


a month ago i made the decision to begin taking sugar out of my diet completely. quite timely as it turns out, given the WHO has halved the amount of sugar an adult should have it their diet.

i’ve had mostly good days, and some bad days. i’ve lost the sugar cravings, and if i do have something sweet, i dont need much. i have fallen off the wagon a bit – one particularly bad day involved half a packet of  sweets, that resulted in a chronic headache and vomiting within hours!. 1/2 a packet!. in the old days that would have been nothing!.

i’ve had no chocolate bars at all – just the odd bit of chocolate on a cake or slice. when i made the decision to do this, i brought a bag of mini boxes of smarties, and i havent touched them!. my plan was to use them to wean off sweet things – one box a day, then every other day, but i managed to do it without needing to do that.

my biggest problem is finding filling lunches, so i have no mid afternoon snack quandries.

when i’ve fallen off the wagon, i havent beat myself up about it, just got straight back on and got on with it.

my plan is to keep sugar out of my diet but if i want to bake, or i visit someone and they offer cake, i will have a small piece. i’m going to try a few recipes from a sugar free cookbook that has baking in it and see how they are. they replace sugar with better alternative like stevia.

i also need to up the exercise routine. while i was in Wanaka, i was walking by the lake a few times which was lovely. now back at home, i need to start walking round the block and get that into gear.

in other news –

i’m working through 300 photos of my trip away and hope to do a post in a few days.

i’ve finalised my crochet blanket pattern and added a few new colours to the mix. i’m looking forward to getting starting, and am hyped the F1 season is about to start – grand prix are great crocheting events!.


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  1. Guess waht… We are looking to do the same thing as well!
    While I don’t eat a lot of sugar foods (chocolate, lollies etc) I do like a nice biscuit with my cup of tea! That is going to be hard to go without… but I think it will be worth the effort
    Well done you!!

  2. Good for you RaRa, you do realise that with no sugar and a walking programme you are going to need a new wardrobe in a few months time?
    I made a decision to cut back on alcahol over a year ago when I was ill. I wasn’t drinking vast quatities but had fallen into the habit of a glass of wine with dinner most nights and a social drink of a couple more at the weekends. With being poorly with various infections and reduced food and wine intake I lost nearly three stone in six months! I have put on about 10 pounds over this last winter but I feel so much better for it.
    So little steps make for huge changes, and I know that you will succeed,
    MWG xxx

  3. I’m doing the same thing myself. I’m starting the 10 day detox tomorrow to try and help with my health.

    I shall have my crocheting at the ready for the first F1 race too 🙂

  4. Aah sugar, probably more addictive than a lot of illegal drugs. I think chocolate is especially bad, the more of it I eat, the more of it I want. If I don’t have it for ages, I certainly don’t crave it. Good luck giving it up, sounds like you are doing well.

    I was using an app (My Fitness Pal) to track what I was eating/exercising, and what was more disturbing than anything else was the amount of salt in food. I eat more than double of the recommended intake, and it’s not because I particularly like salt – but it really is in everything (things you wouldn’t expect like coke zero, weetbix and even in fruit if I remember rightly!).

    I look forward to seeing some of your holiday pics.

    Were you affected by the flooding in Christchurch last week?

    • hi Rowyn, no we didnt suffer too badly with the flooding – mostly just wind damage to the garden. am hoping we all dont suffer too much from Lusi as she travels south, but i havent seen any news this morning, so dont know how the north fared overnight. stay safe up there.

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