Paradise found!


a week ago i was walking along Lake Wanaka, and loving every minute of it!. i took a mountain of photos of the trip down to Central Otago. i’d never been to this part of NZ before!. i loved every minute of it and want to move down there permanently!. i have ancestors from this area, although we didn’t go hunting any this trip. the purpose of this trip was for my mother to spend time with a 91yr friend summering in NZ from the UK. its highly unlikely when she leaves we wont see her here again, she’s so frail now.

i have selected a few photos from the week away. enjoy!!.

this is the Church of the Good Shepard on Lake Tekapo.


Mt Aspiring, not often and easily seen due to cloud cover.


Lake Wanaka

P1110562 P1110733

billed as the most photographed tree in NZ on the shore of Lake Wanaka. i was staying in a house just behind the trees to the left in this photo.


just to demonstrate how clear the water is!.


Glendu Bay. look how blue that water is!.


i was taken for a drive into one of the valleys behind Glendu Bay. eventually the road ends at a river gorge and becomes private. beyond is a high country station once owned by Shania Twain, and now held by her ex husband. through that land an extreme race is run, the Motatapu. the participants run or cycle over the ranges/mountains from here to Arrowtown on the other side!. not for the faint hearted!. as we were heading out we spotted this rocky outcrop that appealed to us, so photos were taken!.


i went on a road trip to Arrowtown and Queenstown, via the Crown Range road – the highest road in NZ!. This is the view from one of the lookouts, looking down the Shotover river over Queenstown airport to the town and Lake Wakatipu.


we hit Arrowtown first, and i have to admit to being a touch emotional when we rounded the corner and saw this routemaster. i’ve used the no.12 route many times during my time in London.


Arrowtown is famous now for its preserved history and setting. in the autumn the leaves all turn and its just beautiful. i was a few weeks too early to experience that. the town itself dates back to the gold rush in NZ in the mid 1800’s. these are original workers cottages on the main street.


then we went onto Queenstown. because the day was so clear i went up in the gondola from where i snapped these couple of pics of the town and lake.

P1110686 P1110688

while i was waiting for my ride, i had a wander around an old cemetery. lots of lovely craved headstones, and i was struck  by the amount of Irish buried there. Central Otago is often thought of as having Scottish heritage.


another day trip….this is Lake Hawea, which is next to Lake Wanaka.


Lake Dunstan, which is a man made lake. at certain times of the day if the water is still you can get great reflections on the water.


this is the Clutha river at Cromwell, another historic town we visited.


on the way down we stopped at Lake Pukaki where if shes cooperating, you can see Aoraki Mt Cook, NZ’s highest mountain. going down, she was completely hidden to water level by cloud, but on the way home you could see a little more. so that’s Mt Cook with the cloudy veil!.



this is a beautiful part of the world and i hope to return again.


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