treasures and crafting.


while i was in Wanaka, i took a walk down the main shopping street. i came across a charity shop and headed inside. what a lovely surprise. so far in CHCH i’ve only found charity shops with clothing, no homewares to speak of. in Wanaka the shop had everything and plenty of everything. i spent a good while poking through the homeware section and ended up leaving with 2 items!.

this flannel sheet, billed as a double, but i’m not convinced. however, it was $3 and in great condition!.


this caught my eye and i spent the entire time in the store walking round with it under my arm incase someone else picked it up while i was deciding if it was worth $10!. i decided it was. its the best part of 12″ tall and has ‘Eastman Kodak Co, R0chester NY’ on it. from the days when photos had to developed in a dark room with chemicals. it will make a good vase as well as add to my collection of glass.


Back in CHCH, i was running some errands with my father when we passed a RSA market. the RSA is Returned Services Association, doing good for all our servicemen and women. so we stopped and i picked up this very pretty pair of sheets for $2. again in great clean condition. wished i’d gone over the rest of the pile better!.


on the crafting front, i haven’t gone back to the Christmas ornament per month stuff yet. i will catch up once i finish the neighbourhood. i’ve started the hexis for my new crochet blanket. now the rugby season has started here and in the evenings, i can get about 6 or 7 of these made per game. its slow going cos i have to keep checking the counting and fend off a ginger furbaby who thinks wool is fun!. the first F1 GP ended up being too interesting for me to crochet, but in future i’ll get plenty done during a race as well.



i would say the neighbourhood is 85% complete now. i finished the last house at the weekend. no more 712( the framing for the windows – may have the number wrong!) on light fabric – arrgh!. i have another woman, tree and bird i think, to complete on the left part of the top row, then the remaining border. i should be able to get this done by my self imposed deadline of the end of March. the red house looks wonky in this picture, but it isnt really – its just cos of the way i’ve had the fabric folded as i stitch.




i hope all my northern hemisphere friends are beginning to feel the effects of spring – more sunshine and the temperatures rising! (as we begin to feel the effects of autumn!). i loved noticing the light change when i lived in London, as well as seeing all the bulbs beginning to poke their heads thru the ground.


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  1. Oh Rach, that stripe sheet looks so familiar lol! Some great finds there. Definitely spring here in the Cotswolds. It’s been up to 16 degrees here, not getting dark till 6.30 now and bright and sunny all of March so far. It’s proper weird. I keep waiting for it to get cold again cause this is just all too nice and warm for this time of the year lol!

    • Lol, I nearly added to the post, I wonder how many of us kiwis slept under this pattern of sheet in our childhood. There’s probably still some in my mothers cupboard!.

  2. I love your neighbourhood cross stitch. I have this pattern and seeing yours makes me want to hurry to get onto it. So lovely. Great finds with your sheets. So snuggly.

  3. Spring is here yay! I have daffs proudly dancing in the garden and hyacinths in pots on my windowsill. Peas planted and in conservatory.
    Your stitching is looking amazing as well. I love the pattern.
    As for the jug it’s gorgeous. Happy hunting in the thrift shops šŸ™‚

  4. You found some really nice things at the thrift stores. Even if the flannel sheet doesn’t fit your bed, you can use it in making baby receiving blankets and/or burping cloths. Your embroidery piece is looking very good!

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