hexagon blanket.


so, yesterday i had planned to spend some time playing with the hexagon shapes i’d crocheted thus far. when i went to my crochet bag, this is what i discovered!.

the resident furbaby has discovered the properties of wool – both warmth and fun, and was having a lovely time. i even got skewered when i tried to rescue my bag.

eventually i was able to collect up the shapes and put them  back in the bag!.

so, you get an idea of some of the colours, and how much i’ve done over the course of a week – not heaps, cos i want to finish the cross stitch by the end of the month (not looking likely at the moment!)

P1110885 P1110886 P1110887 P1110888 P1110889

i’m working on a set of green currently and then a set of white. if i can get into my stash of wool in the boxes in the garage, i hope to add some blue as well.

i have no idea how many hexis i’m going to need until i start joining up what i’ve done so far. i will do that once i have a set of all the colours i’m planning on using.


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    • I tried to check out your cat but the link took me to a page that said ” the page I want doesn’t exsist”. I’ll go through your blog a little later on.

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