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A winner, and a new start


Times up!. 5 people entered in the draw to win the chart for Little House Neighbourhood.


I’d like to say Sid helped draw the name, but as you can see, he’s asleep!. so i asked my mother and she picked out ……


Congratulations Wisher. I believe I have your email address with your comments, so I will email you for a postal address. Please check your spam box and if you haven’t got an email within 48hrs, let me know on this post.


and here’s my new start!. i haven’t done much cross stitch since finishing the neighbourhood. this is an ornament and i hope to be done in a few days. i have planned to start a bigger piece in May so i need to crack on and get a couple of ornaments stitched, even if they aren’t made up into finished pieces now.



a little bit giddy with excitement!.



P1110950 P1110951

I’ve got my first piece of furniture that I can paint – eventually!!.

I was dropping off some of my mothers things at a local charity store and it turned out to be more a home ware store, so I decided to have a quick nosey, while my mother sat in the car outside!!. Most of the furniture was MDF type stuff, but sitting there amongst it all was this little beauty. Solid wood, dovetail joints, 1940’s or 50’s, and half the price of all the cheaply made stuff. So I brought it!. It started out life as a dressing table as you can see where the uprights the held the mirror was – nothing some sanding and paint wont hide.

I will paint it, but not for a while. I’m thinking some funky colour and sat between two armchairs in the living room. Or a soft colour and used as a bedside table. Time will tell!. BTW, the front isn’t as mottled as the photos suggest, I think it was just the lighting in the room at the time I took the photos.

For now, it’ll hold my wool and material stash!.

**Dont forget the cross stitch give away mentioned in the previous post. It’s open to anyone and the closing date is next tuesday morning NZ time, mon evening UK time.


Fancy a cross stitch chart?!


I have decided to offer a give away.

Ever since I finished Little House Neighbourhood, I have been wondered what I should do with the chart. I wont stitch it again due to it’s size and time, so I have decided to offer it to fellow cross stitch and Little House Neighbourhood fans.

This is what your finished piece will look like.


The give away is for the items you see in the photo below = the picture of the finished piece, the thread list and the 2 charts to make up the piece. the charts have creases on them, but the pattern is easily read. the above finished piece is NOT included in the give away, it is just to show the finished piece.



I will keep the offer open for a week and then draw a name from a hat and announce the winner. Since it is 4 pieces of paper, this give away is open to anyone anywhere with a postal address.

comment on this post if you wish to be entered into the draw.

please feel free share this offer with your stitching friends, as i’m not limiting this to only those on the friends/followers list.

Good luck if you decide to enter.

New treasures


On friday I ventured to another charity shop. I’d past it several times but not stopped. It’s next to a library, so I decided to visit that since I’ve pretty much exhausted the local library. I found some interesting books to borrow and then went next door.

For CHCH peeps, its St Vincent de Paul on Langdons Rd.

They have a large selection of clothing, as well as some homeware items. I managed to come home with two items!

P1110935 P1110936

I love the platter – very 1960’s and turquoise and pink. The other is a cut glass butter dish.

Anyone else found any fun things in the charity stores?. I miss the op shop show off, being able to see all the wonderful finds!.

Can I also thanks those that have commented on the pizza dough post and given me links to recipes to try – I will be trying them!!.

Home made pizza


Yesterday I ventured into the world of home made pizza dough. It was not a success!. However it was edible, so therefore not a failure!.

My first mistake was not realising how much dough 4 cups of flour would make!. If I’d thought about it, I would have frozen half the dough for another time. I’ll be more observant of that next time.

I used a recipe by Chelsea Winter, a NZ masterchef winner, from her cookbook. It was easy to follow and use. I’d made bread once a long time ago and it didnt work out, so I’ve never tried again, fearing the whole yeast kneading thing!.

This time it was better, or I took more time and care – who knows!. I ended up with more dough than I needed for the 2 of us eating the pizza, and this is where I should have halved or thirded the dough and frozen what I didnt need.

P1110932 P1110934 P1110937

once the dough had risen and then been knocked back, I shaped it to fit the tray and covered it with tomato sauce, some dribbles of pesto and mozzarella cheese. I need to more sauce and cheese the next time I make pizza. I kept the topping simple because I want to find the perfect dough for me first.


It looked good, smelt good, it just had too thick a base for my liking.



Better luck next time, eh?!.

I you had a foolproof pizza dough recipe that works well for you, I’d like to hear about it, if you care to share.

Hexi love!


I’ve been pottering away crocheting hexagons while watching sport at night and have got a nice little pile going. Each colour has 7 hexis at present. I’m still hoping to find my wool in the boxes in the garage so I can see if I have a blue that will work with these colours.

here are some photos taken in the gloomy NZ autumn. The royals have brought English weather with them!!. (the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince George have arrived for a tour of NZ)

P1110927 P1110928 P1110929 P1110930

I had a little play with pattern, but do actually know what i want to try and achieve.

excuse the un-ironed pillowcases I used to help with the light. I found them in a box that said there was a plastic bin in it. I was hoping it might be the wool bin, but it seems the removal men may have emptied all the bins I had set aside to go because apart from some linens, all there was in the cardboard box was 4 empty plastic bins!. Guess I have to open more boxes now – what a shame!!!.

Feb Project Life pages


i was slightly behind in getting my Feb PL pages complete. i’ve had the photos processed, printed off and cut for a while, but just havent sat down and completed the page. this morning i did!. still a fairly basic spread, but at least i’m documenting life!.

feb documents still being in Australia, getting out some more home comforts, my cross stitch progress and a couple of events i went to here in CHCH.

P1110922 - Copy 1 P1110923 - Copy 1

i love the look on Lucy the dog’s face as my niece tickles her nose!.

P1110924 - Copy


hopefully i’ll get March’s pages completed sooner rather than later!.