a small twig for the future nest.


today i took a drive to the eastern side of Christchurch, to visit the Tannery. this is a boutique type shopping centre that has been built within the walls of an old tannery premises. its a great place. my favourite needlework shop has relocated there. i had a wander round, found some lovely but well out of my price range paintings in an art gallery!. i had a small list of speciality threads which i managed to get, as well as a recommended picture framer for my neighbourhood project.

along the way, both there and back, i spied a couple of antique shops and some more op/charity shops. i’d taken a roundabout route to avoid some of the roadworks through the centre of the city and was thrill to discover an antique shop i used to pop into often is still there – for some reason i thought it was destroyed in the earthquake.

i called into one antique shop, which i had been into last week, to see if a shelf i had seen was still there or not. last week i didnt have enough money to get it as well as the things i brought, and i knew i’d be going to the Tannery and therefore past this shop, so i figured if it was still there today i’d get it. it was, and still in the same place!.

so, this is something for my future home. eventually i will paint it but i will leave that til i actually have a home and can think of those sorts of things.

apologies, the first photo is a smidge blurry. its not attached to the wall, so i have some books under the right hand side should it lean at all.


i did a little bit of styling!. these salt and pepper shakers i picked up last week at the same place. they are just so cheerful!.


adding a few more bits to the upper portion = reindeer by Cath Kidson from London, the silver plate S&P shakers from the swap i was in late last year, and a ceramic pot i brought down in Wanaka. i have no plans to collect S&P shakers – truly!.



now, i just need a wall to hang it on!.


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  1. I used to have a shadow box like that when I was growing up! Wish I still had it but I really have enough small shelves now 😛 Which op shop did you visit… there are a few good ones on Ferry Rd! My favourite is Ferry Antiques in Woolston.

    • Hi Ruth, I got it from Vintage Warehouse at the Fitzgerald end of Ferry Rd. I’ve spied a few stores along Ferry Rd that I want to return to – probably including the one you mentioned.

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