Hexi love!


I’ve been pottering away crocheting hexagons while watching sport at night and have got a nice little pile going. Each colour has 7 hexis at present. I’m still hoping to find my wool in the boxes in the garage so I can see if I have a blue that will work with these colours.

here are some photos taken in the gloomy NZ autumn. The royals have brought English weather with them!!. (the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince George have arrived for a tour of NZ)

P1110927 P1110928 P1110929 P1110930

I had a little play with pattern, but do actually know what i want to try and achieve.

excuse the un-ironed pillowcases I used to help with the light. I found them in a box that said there was a plastic bin in it. I was hoping it might be the wool bin, but it seems the removal men may have emptied all the bins I had set aside to go because apart from some linens, all there was in the cardboard box was 4 empty plastic bins!. Guess I have to open more boxes now – what a shame!!!.


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