Home made pizza


Yesterday I ventured into the world of home made pizza dough. It was not a success!. However it was edible, so therefore not a failure!.

My first mistake was not realising how much dough 4 cups of flour would make!. If I’d thought about it, I would have frozen half the dough for another time. I’ll be more observant of that next time.

I used a recipe by Chelsea Winter, a NZ masterchef winner, from her cookbook. It was easy to follow and use. I’d made bread once a long time ago and it didnt work out, so I’ve never tried again, fearing the whole yeast kneading thing!.

This time it was better, or I took more time and care – who knows!. I ended up with more dough than I needed for the 2 of us eating the pizza, and this is where I should have halved or thirded the dough and frozen what I didnt need.

P1110932 P1110934 P1110937

once the dough had risen and then been knocked back, I shaped it to fit the tray and covered it with tomato sauce, some dribbles of pesto and mozzarella cheese. I need to more sauce and cheese the next time I make pizza. I kept the topping simple because I want to find the perfect dough for me first.


It looked good, smelt good, it just had too thick a base for my liking.



Better luck next time, eh?!.

I you had a foolproof pizza dough recipe that works well for you, I’d like to hear about it, if you care to share.


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  1. I use the recipe in river cottage every day by Hugh Fernly whittingstall. It makes a lovely thin crust, but you can achieve that with most recipes by rolling and stretching the dough as this as pastry. It will still fluff up a bit when cooked. Have a go at bread too. It is nothing to be scared of! Making bread is a really lovely thing to do and completely delicious. xx

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