a little bit giddy with excitement!.



P1110950 P1110951

I’ve got my first piece of furniture that I can paint – eventually!!.

I was dropping off some of my mothers things at a local charity store and it turned out to be more a home ware store, so I decided to have a quick nosey, while my mother sat in the car outside!!. Most of the furniture was MDF type stuff, but sitting there amongst it all was this little beauty. Solid wood, dovetail joints, 1940’s or 50’s, and half the price of all the cheaply made stuff. So I brought it!. It started out life as a dressing table as you can see where the uprights the held the mirror was – nothing some sanding and paint wont hide.

I will paint it, but not for a while. I’m thinking some funky colour and sat between two armchairs in the living room. Or a soft colour and used as a bedside table. Time will tell!. BTW, the front isn’t as mottled as the photos suggest, I think it was just the lighting in the room at the time I took the photos.

For now, it’ll hold my wool and material stash!.

**Dont forget the cross stitch give away mentioned in the previous post. It’s open to anyone and the closing date is next tuesday morning NZ time, mon evening UK time.



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