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building snowmen!!


I’m making steady progress on 6 fat snowmen. the borders are almost finished. just the last one along the bottom, which I hope to complete tomorrow. then its onto filling in the borders!. this is stitching up nicely! now that I have all the borders in place, mostly!, I can tell I will have fabric left over which means I can make a couple of these as ornaments for either my niece or friends. I think I’ll be holding onto these charts!.

P1110996 - Copy

I’m loving the wee cardinal onto of the birdhouse!.

P1110997 - Copy


I’m kinda hoping this will stitch up quicker than my 2 month deadline as I’m so keen to see it finished!.

I’m doing a lot of this while watching basketball. for ages I didn’t get basketball!. they just seemed to trade points at each end of the court. but for some reason this year I get it and am really into the NBA finals. it helps there’s a kiwi in the OKC Thunder, so that’s the team I’m supporting!!.

It’ll be back to the real sport next weekend however, as the mighty All Blacks take on the English – should be a try feast…..for us!!.



6 fat snowmen!


given the weather outside, its appropriate to be stitching snowmen!. twas -5C last night!. snow on the hills surrounding the city!.

this is my new start – Lizzie Kate’s ”6 fat snowmen”. a series of 6 small pieces that can be finished as one large piece, which is what i’m doing.

the LK website didnt have a big enough photo of the finished piece, so i have borrowed one from this stitching blog, Stitchyangels treasures. it looks a fun website to nose round if you’re a stitcher.

6 Fat Men

I started this on sunday and this is where i am at – i have finished the blue boarder completely now.



I’m finding it a joy to stitch and i think i know my problem with Sleigh Bells, the small piece i showed a post or 2 ago. I think i prefer to stitch larger blocks of colour rather than 3 stitches here, 4 stitches there. it wont stop me stitching smalls however, because i really want a Christmas tree full of stitched ornaments!!.

I’m going to give myself til the end of July to finish this if possible, as i then have another large LHN piece i want to start!!. maybe i’ll throw another small ornament in between the two.

Mrs B-R how’s your stitching coming along?!!.

Caught up with Project Life!


I finally sat down and worked on both months that I needed to catch up on to bring me back up to date with my PL album. I had had the photos sorted out for ages, then I finally sat down and edited the ones that needed to be printed as 3×4’s. I printed off the photos earlier this week, and after watching the cat walk all over them on my ‘desk’ this morning, I decided to get the layouts completed.

these are the march pages –

P1110984 - Copy 1

March documented my trip down to central Otago and the end of one craft project and the start of another.

P1110985 - Copy 1 P1110986

April documents bits and pieces, things found the in the garage during a major sort out, craft progress and a first effort at home made pizza bases.

P1110987 P1110988

the picture on the top right was found in the garage and rescued. it used to hang in my grandparents toilet (having been framed by my grandfather) and was something I had forgotten about until it was found. it’s no longer in the garage!.



April was the first month were I felt I was a photo or 2 short for the spread, but it looks ok, so I’m not going to stress. there will be even less for May at this point, so I may have to do a month a side if there isn’t enough things to record!.

Hot off the needle!


well, its only taken a month to complete this small piece!. a month!!!.

I have really liked this piece whenever I have seen it round the web, but when it came to stitching it, I have really struggled with it. maybe its because the fabric wasn’t the recommended one therefore the colours didn’t always show up as well. maybe it’s to do with the constant changes of thread – 3 stitches, change thread, etc. maybe it was to do with needing to have a break from stitching after completing the neighbourhood piece. I can’t put my finger on it. I’m pleased I stuck with it and got it finished – the sewing into a small pillow will take place at a later date.

so, here it is –


every time I see this piece I break into song, it is so joyful and cheerful!.

next on the needle is going to be the Lizzie Kate ”6 fat snowmen”. I’m doing it as one piece and have got the recommended fabric for it!!.

btw!, if you’re keeping count, we’re 5 months (almost 6!) into the year and this is only the second ornament!. so much for one a month. can I count the 6 snowmen as part of the quota?!!.

Preparing to say goodbye to Milo….



this morning I went to Riccarton Market with the aim to find a tea cup, and this is what I came home with. I love the retro look and the blue and white colour scheme. so now I can phase out my sugar laden milo (hot chocolate) and replace it with tea.




I brought this tin of tea back from London last year and havent opened it yet. now i have a cup and a strainer as its loose tea leaves, I can now give the tea a go. I used to have sugar in my tea so this will be the first time without it. lets hope the cup doesnt break with the first splash of hot water!!.

and now for something more awwww…..


furbaby seems to have had a run in with a neighbourhood tom. he required stitches in 2 paws and has to wear this cone for about 2 weeks. bless him, he is such a good boy with it. he comes to me so i can scratch him behind the ears and he stays close. he also isnt allowed out and is managing well with using ‘indoor facilities’!!.

Reducing Sugar Update


As I approach the 3 month anniversary of reducing sugar in my diet I’m doing an update to record my progress.

I haven’t gone sugar free at this point, ratherI have taken out all unnecessary sugar and try to keep within the current WHO sugar intake guidelines. I have no sugar cravings and I’m realising that my headaches have all but disappeared. While I believe that is because of the sugar, I am also not under heavy stress at the moment, which I’ve always felt was part of the cause. I’ll only know for sure about that when I get into a heavy stress phase again.

I can pass sweets (candy) and chocolate easily and not miss them. I had an Easter egg and didn’t enjoy it all!. If I have a biscuit (cookie), its a very plain one and that is fine. I’ve discovered my favoured winter hot drink is loaded with sugar (Milo), so the time is ripe to change to tea. I knew it was, but didn’t realise just how much was in it, before you added your one or two teaspoons!. I’d taken those added teaspoons out last year, but there’s still a lot in the mix.

I’m still working on filling lunches, because I find I’m hungry mid afternoon, but on the whole, I manage on 3 meals a day and nothing in between other than water. I have brought some Quinoa to try – I’m the worlds most fussy person, but I determined to try it. I finally found a small pouch of it that serves 2, so not much to waste if I don’t like it!. I’m also pinteresting vegetarian recipes in the hopes to have more vegetables in my diet. Slowly but surely it’s all falling into place because after all, this is a lifestyle change, not a diet.

I’m still not exercising over and above my normal everyday walking, so that really needs to kick up a notch otherwise I’ll end up saggy bits!!. Another thing to add to the ‘to-do’ list!!.

what changes are people making to their diet? Do you have a favourite way to make and eat Quinoa?


Crafty updates.


well, I have been slowly making things. not been as productive has past months!.

I started a Christmas ornament but still haven’t finished it!. this is Sleigh Bells, by Little House Needleworks, and really!, it should be finished by now – its only a small piece!. and I have such a cool bigger piece to start, but not til this is finished. I think I am going to relax my ornament a month challenge as I’m not keeping up with it and it shouldn’t become a stressful thing!. I’ll make them when I can and want.


I have spent time working on and joining the hexagons I’d made so far. I kinda wish I had thought to have the same colour in the centre, but I’m not going to unpick these, so I’ll save that idea for another blanket in the future. again, I haven’t been very productive. not sure why – change of season maybe?!.



on the project life front, I had started to process the photos for the march spread, but had to retake one, so have stalled. have fixed that today, so hopefully I can get that done over the next few days. then its onto April. this will be interesting as it was a quieter month for me, so, will I have enough to fill a spread?!.


I’ve had another go at making pizza dough with less flour in the recipe and that worked better, although, Ii could have halved the dough as it was still too much. the crust was much thinner though, which is what I was after. I will keep working on it!.

hope everyone is enjoying the changes to the seasons – I quite like having the different seasons, so don’t mind the winter- I’d like it even more if I had a real fire and not electricity heat however!!.