Crafty updates.


well, I have been slowly making things. not been as productive has past months!.

I started a Christmas ornament but still haven’t finished it!. this is Sleigh Bells, by Little House Needleworks, and really!, it should be finished by now – its only a small piece!. and I have such a cool bigger piece to start, but not til this is finished. I think I am going to relax my ornament a month challenge as I’m not keeping up with it and it shouldn’t become a stressful thing!. I’ll make them when I can and want.


I have spent time working on and joining the hexagons I’d made so far. I kinda wish I had thought to have the same colour in the centre, but I’m not going to unpick these, so I’ll save that idea for another blanket in the future. again, I haven’t been very productive. not sure why – change of season maybe?!.



on the project life front, I had started to process the photos for the march spread, but had to retake one, so have stalled. have fixed that today, so hopefully I can get that done over the next few days. then its onto April. this will be interesting as it was a quieter month for me, so, will I have enough to fill a spread?!.


I’ve had another go at making pizza dough with less flour in the recipe and that worked better, although, Ii could have halved the dough as it was still too much. the crust was much thinner though, which is what I was after. I will keep working on it!.

hope everyone is enjoying the changes to the seasons – I quite like having the different seasons, so don’t mind the winter- I’d like it even more if I had a real fire and not electricity heat however!!.



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  1. love the stitching and the blanket. Weather is starting to warm up here we had a glorious bank holiday laying in the sun.

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