Reducing Sugar Update


As I approach the 3 month anniversary of reducing sugar in my diet I’m doing an update to record my progress.

I haven’t gone sugar free at this point, ratherI have taken out all unnecessary sugar and try to keep within the current WHO sugar intake guidelines. I have no sugar cravings and I’m realising that my headaches have all but disappeared. While I believe that is because of the sugar, I am also not under heavy stress at the moment, which I’ve always felt was part of the cause. I’ll only know for sure about that when I get into a heavy stress phase again.

I can pass sweets (candy) and chocolate easily and not miss them. I had an Easter egg and didn’t enjoy it all!. If I have a biscuit (cookie), its a very plain one and that is fine. I’ve discovered my favoured winter hot drink is loaded with sugar (Milo), so the time is ripe to change to tea. I knew it was, but didn’t realise just how much was in it, before you added your one or two teaspoons!. I’d taken those added teaspoons out last year, but there’s still a lot in the mix.

I’m still working on filling lunches, because I find I’m hungry mid afternoon, but on the whole, I manage on 3 meals a day and nothing in between other than water. I have brought some Quinoa to try – I’m the worlds most fussy person, but I determined to try it. I finally found a small pouch of it that serves 2, so not much to waste if I don’t like it!. I’m also pinteresting vegetarian recipes in the hopes to have more vegetables in my diet. Slowly but surely it’s all falling into place because after all, this is a lifestyle change, not a diet.

I’m still not exercising over and above my normal everyday walking, so that really needs to kick up a notch otherwise I’ll end up saggy bits!!. Another thing to add to the ‘to-do’ list!!.

what changes are people making to their diet? Do you have a favourite way to make and eat Quinoa?



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  1. Well done on the changes you’ve made so far. I feel so much better for cutting out the sugar. I never realised just how much was in the every day things that I was eating.
    If you find you’re getting hungry, you could try increasing your protein intake. I make up small portions of different chicken or turkey recipes to have with salad for my lunches and find that they keep me going nicely through the day. Also, try keeping some mixed raw nuts with you as they make an excellent snack.
    I’m a fan of quinoa and usually just cook it plain to have with chilli or a stew. There are lots of interesting dishes to make using it on Pinterest though. I’ve got several pinned to try at some point.

  2. not sure why you need to reduce sugar intake.. but to increase satiety.. protein and fiber will assist. Like adding a hard boiled egg in the morning will help to last till lunch time without feeling hungry. 😀

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