Preparing to say goodbye to Milo….



this morning I went to Riccarton Market with the aim to find a tea cup, and this is what I came home with. I love the retro look and the blue and white colour scheme. so now I can phase out my sugar laden milo (hot chocolate) and replace it with tea.




I brought this tin of tea back from London last year and havent opened it yet. now i have a cup and a strainer as its loose tea leaves, I can now give the tea a go. I used to have sugar in my tea so this will be the first time without it. lets hope the cup doesnt break with the first splash of hot water!!.

and now for something more awwww…..


furbaby seems to have had a run in with a neighbourhood tom. he required stitches in 2 paws and has to wear this cone for about 2 weeks. bless him, he is such a good boy with it. he comes to me so i can scratch him behind the ears and he stays close. he also isnt allowed out and is managing well with using ‘indoor facilities’!!.


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  1. That cup and saucer is gorgeous. Great find. As for furbaby he has the cone of shame lol. Hope he gets better soon x

  2. Your cup and saucer are so pretty! Hope you enjoy the tea. You do get used to it without sugar after a while.
    Poor kitty. Bet he’s getting plenty of love and attention though 🙂

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