Hot off the needle!


well, its only taken a month to complete this small piece!. a month!!!.

I have really liked this piece whenever I have seen it round the web, but when it came to stitching it, I have really struggled with it. maybe its because the fabric wasn’t the recommended one therefore the colours didn’t always show up as well. maybe it’s to do with the constant changes of thread – 3 stitches, change thread, etc. maybe it was to do with needing to have a break from stitching after completing the neighbourhood piece. I can’t put my finger on it. I’m pleased I stuck with it and got it finished – the sewing into a small pillow will take place at a later date.

so, here it is –


every time I see this piece I break into song, it is so joyful and cheerful!.

next on the needle is going to be the Lizzie Kate ”6 fat snowmen”. I’m doing it as one piece and have got the recommended fabric for it!!.

btw!, if you’re keeping count, we’re 5 months (almost 6!) into the year and this is only the second ornament!. so much for one a month. can I count the 6 snowmen as part of the quota?!!.


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  1. Isn’t it strange how some pieces are a bit of a struggle (even though you like the design) and others are a joy to stitch? I started Curly Q Ewe by LHN years ago, but every time I pick it up I don’t enjoy stitching it. I think it is the slippery fabric that is the problem. I would love to finish it eventually.

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