Caught up with Project Life!


I finally sat down and worked on both months that I needed to catch up on to bring me back up to date with my PL album. I had had the photos sorted out for ages, then I finally sat down and edited the ones that needed to be printed as 3×4’s. I printed off the photos earlier this week, and after watching the cat walk all over them on my ‘desk’ this morning, I decided to get the layouts completed.

these are the march pages –

P1110984 - Copy 1

March documented my trip down to central Otago and the end of one craft project and the start of another.

P1110985 - Copy 1 P1110986

April documents bits and pieces, things found the in the garage during a major sort out, craft progress and a first effort at home made pizza bases.

P1110987 P1110988

the picture on the top right was found in the garage and rescued. it used to hang in my grandparents toilet (having been framed by my grandfather) and was something I had forgotten about until it was found. it’s no longer in the garage!.



April was the first month were I felt I was a photo or 2 short for the spread, but it looks ok, so I’m not going to stress. there will be even less for May at this point, so I may have to do a month a side if there isn’t enough things to record!.


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  1. This is a great way of journalling through the year. Holding on to the memories is so important.
    I join a blog party each month where we do mosaics of happenings through the month!
    I can then email it or print it off for my family in France!

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