6 fat snowmen!


given the weather outside, its appropriate to be stitching snowmen!. twas -5C last night!. snow on the hills surrounding the city!.

this is my new start – Lizzie Kate’s ”6 fat snowmen”. a series of 6 small pieces that can be finished as one large piece, which is what i’m doing.

the LK website didnt have a big enough photo of the finished piece, so i have borrowed one from this stitching blog, Stitchyangels treasures. it looks a fun website to nose round if you’re a stitcher.

6 Fat Men

I started this on sunday and this is where i am at – i have finished the blue boarder completely now.



I’m finding it a joy to stitch and i think i know my problem with Sleigh Bells, the small piece i showed a post or 2 ago. I think i prefer to stitch larger blocks of colour rather than 3 stitches here, 4 stitches there. it wont stop me stitching smalls however, because i really want a Christmas tree full of stitched ornaments!!.

I’m going to give myself til the end of July to finish this if possible, as i then have another large LHN piece i want to start!!. maybe i’ll throw another small ornament in between the two.

Mrs B-R how’s your stitching coming along?!!.


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  1. Hiya. I have not done any this month. Been absolutely shattered lol. Need to get some more done as it’s almost June.

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