summer of colour 2014, week 1


On Monday I popped over to check out the first colour combination for the challenge. aqua blue, sunny yellow and a touch of hot pink = I like!!.

My next thought was, what to do now!. I decided that I would use the challenge to make some samples for a business I’m about to launch. I also decided that the required items needed to come from my stash, so if I didn’t have a colour in yarn, fabric, or scrapbook supplies, I don’t enter that week.

so for this first week, I crocheted a dishcloth!.

Nothing fancy and by no means a perfect example, but it works for me and I’m the one who’ll be using it in the end!.

Wanna see…….

P1110999 P1120004 P1120002

I crocheted four granny squares in 100% cotton, joined them up and then added a border of double crochet to hold it all together. the raised joins will give added oommph when cleaning!.

do pop over and have a look at all those who have participated in this challenge, there’s over 100 entries when I visited just before!. the link is in my sidebar to the right!.

I have also completed the frames for the snowmen and have begun filling in the first box. in the picture below, a couple of the frames look half finished, but that’s how they are as the rest of the chart fills in the remaining edges. there’s a lot of DMC712 (for the snow!) to use on this project – at least it shows up better on this fabric!.



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