well I never!!.


Macarons = always thought I’d hate them as their principal ingredient is almond meal. it is an understatement to say I hate almonds and their flavour in anything. I will avoid recipes with almond in them, even if it’s a tiny amount!. so when the macaron craze swept the world I ignored it. Even in Geneva last year I didn’t bother to go into a famous shop selling them – there was no point, I wasn’t going to eat one!. coupled with the fact them seem extremely pricey for such a small thing!.

So this week I took my mother to her dressmaker and in the row of shops is a macaron shop. mother suggested we get some. I said nah!. she said why?. I said almond meal = disgusting!. she said you can’t taste it. Hmmmmm……**insert thinking smillie**

she brought some and home we trotted!.

well I never……


she was right (don’t tell her I said that!). delicious!. we shared the flavours out between her, dad and I so we got to try a variety of flavours. I found a couple quite sickly, I’m sure on account of the reduced sugar intake now.

today I had to pick up the tailouring that was done so popped into the shop and got another wee box full!. after this I’ll be good again, with regard to sugar intake.

P1120026 - Copy

L-R after dinner mint, blackcurrant, and salted caramel. ADM = devine!, havent tried blackcurrant yet, salted caramel was sickly, but mum likes it!.

P1120027 - Copy


I’m not ready to allow almond meal into the kitchen, but I will admit macarons are delicious!.

in other news = cross stitch continues, as does hexis for the blanket. last weeks colour for SOC2014 didnt work for me – i liked the combo, but didnt have any supplies to match, so didnt join in. this weeks combo is nice, but i’m not sure if i have supplies.

being as its the 4th of July here in NZ tomorrow, may I wish my American readers a Happy 4th of July. I shall be watching the live baseball games on ESPN on saturday morning my time ( friday evening USA time!).


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  1. I’ve always hated marzipan, and therefore anything with almonds in that could possibly taste marzipan-ey. Recently though I’ve been eating a lot of almonds, plus almond butter and using almond meal in cooking. Apparently I do like the taste after all. Who knew?!
    Those macaroons look very nice, but probably more sugar than I could handle these days 🙂

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