hibernating, gardening and cats!.


I guess as winter approaches I should put out a hibernation warning with decreased posting!. seems at the moment I have very little that’s interesting to share!. in between dealing with my mother, I stitch, read, work on my upcoming business or watch live sport. 7-0 = who’d have thought that!!. ( football world cup!)

I have 2 new edibles for the self sufficient garden – some garlic and a mandarin!. slowly but surely things arrive. I also discovered this week there is a seed saving group here in CHCH and I’m hoping to join that and be able to swap for heirloom seeds. I’m still waiting to hear back from them.

P1120035 P1120032

we’ve had a few days of lovely sunshine this week and the sun worshipper of the family has been in seventh heaven!

P1120031 P1120037


I have checked in with the colour of summer prompts, but since week 2 haven’t been able to participate since I wont buy anything for it!. I think it might be the last week tomorrow, if not, its the second to last week!.

I have photos printed to do a spread for May and June for my Project Life album – just need to crack on with it!.

after a couple of milder nights, its back to below zero tonight – I can’t wait for the warmth to arrive. I miss the radiators found in every UK  home!.


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