Ballerina Mural


I’ve known since the summer there was a large mural on the back wall of a damaged building in the centre of town. it is of a ballerina and looked amazing in the few photos I’d seen of it. I decided I wanted to see it for myself so I pottered out to look and photograph it recently.

I was heading for the street it faced, but found I couldn’t access the street from the one I was in. so after a few trips round a few blocks thanks to road closures I ended up next the Edmonds Band Rotunda, which ended up being the perfect spot to get some good photos.

P1120064 P1120065

I think its an amazing piece of work and I’m glad I saw it first hand before its lost behind new buildings.

we’re having unseasonably warm weather today and I noticed this little fellow looking for food. being out of wack with seasonal stuff here still, I’m not sure it we should be seeing monach butterflies yet!. it was very pretty tho!.






not alot else going at the moment – pottering in the garden, getting it ready for spring, bit of stitching, reading and being the general dogs body!.


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