Monthly Archives: August 2014

it’s probably to early but……


I planted some seeds today!!.

its a bit of a gamble, as I haven’t grown anything here in NZ before, but in reading a couple of garden guides, it seems to be worth giving it a go!. I’ve made good use of my repurposed mini greenhouse, which will keep the seeds in a nice warm environment, especially since they are in a north facing window. on really warm days, I will take them outside and remove the lid slightly, and nearer planting out time, will put them out daily with the lid off fully.

in true recycle mode, I also made some markers from a milk bottle!. I decided I would record progress like I did in the UK, which means a bunch of markers with either numbers or letters on them rather than seed variety. I painted on the numbers with nail polish I won’t use now given my desire to reduce the toxins I put in my body.

so, this is my set up currently –

an IKEA box I brought out from the UK, sitting in a north facing window that gets sun all day, when its out!.




a cut up milk bottle – I made 17 markers for now and have spares. I wont be using all 17 this year though, as I don’t have a lot of growing space.





there is something about a box of seeds – so much potential!.


recording the beginning!.




4 of the 6 seed trays planted and labelled!. 3 varieties of bean, and 3 of tomato for now.



now, I just need them all to germinate!. some of the seeds are from the heritage seed exchange, and I need to give some back at the autumn swap next year!.


The promise of new seeds


now that spring is in the air, I have been acquiring some seeds for the upcoming season. oh how I love buying seed – the promise of all sorts of wonderful fresh vegetables!. my seed collection has grown markedly in the past week thanks to discovering I can buy seed via trade me (nz’s version of fleabay!). i have found a great seller here in CHCH and have brought a fair bit from her. I also picked up a few seeds from a seller in the north island.

on top of that, I have joined the seed saving network here in CHCH, and my plan ultimately is to be able to become a seed guardian for heirloom seeds here. I probably wont be able to this season due to a lack of space in my parents garden, but who knows, I may be able to sneak a bit more space here and there!!. as part of the membership I’m entitiled to 10 packets of heirloom seeds. I’ve made my picks and am just waiting for them to arrive.

now, a little show and tell…..


a shot of everything in the seed box currently!


a mixed lot – pumpkin, melon, cucumber, quinoa, lentils, soapwort, sweetcorn,


my furry assistant inspecting the packets!.


carrots – rainbow, purple and white. i have a red coming from the seed exchange.P1120087

beans – red kidney, purple, yellow, green; mix of dwarf and climbing, and a very small pile for me – i have another 2 or 3 varieties coming from the seed exchange!!


tomatoes – mostly cherry and cooking tomatoes in a variety of colours – red!, black, yellow and white. also, another few varieties coming from the seed exchange. 

i’m looking forward to planting a few tomato plants, and some beans this year, with maybe a melon. so excited!!.