it’s probably to early but……


I planted some seeds today!!.

its a bit of a gamble, as I haven’t grown anything here in NZ before, but in reading a couple of garden guides, it seems to be worth giving it a go!. I’ve made good use of my repurposed mini greenhouse, which will keep the seeds in a nice warm environment, especially since they are in a north facing window. on really warm days, I will take them outside and remove the lid slightly, and nearer planting out time, will put them out daily with the lid off fully.

in true recycle mode, I also made some markers from a milk bottle!. I decided I would record progress like I did in the UK, which means a bunch of markers with either numbers or letters on them rather than seed variety. I painted on the numbers with nail polish I won’t use now given my desire to reduce the toxins I put in my body.

so, this is my set up currently –

an IKEA box I brought out from the UK, sitting in a north facing window that gets sun all day, when its out!.




a cut up milk bottle – I made 17 markers for now and have spares. I wont be using all 17 this year though, as I don’t have a lot of growing space.





there is something about a box of seeds – so much potential!.


recording the beginning!.




4 of the 6 seed trays planted and labelled!. 3 varieties of bean, and 3 of tomato for now.



now, I just need them all to germinate!. some of the seeds are from the heritage seed exchange, and I need to give some back at the autumn swap next year!.


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