Home made deodorant


I smell like a giant Bounty Bar!!

In an effort to continue to remove products with toxic ingredients from my life, I have made some deodorant. with a base of coconut oil, every time I smell it I think of Bounty Bars!.

Super easy to make, it took about 2 mins and it lasts for about 3 months. I followed the recipe from passionatehomemaker. I had researched alot of different sites and forums, and liked this, although there are many versions of this around – her updated post and Q&A was helpful in going with her recipe.

P1120109 P1120111

its very simple, 3-4 ingredients depending if you want to add some essential oil as well.

I did, although, probably not enough drops as you cant detect it at all!.

I’ve used it since making it a week ago and am very happy with the results. it hasnt been tested to marathon conditions or anything strenuous like that!!, but in my daily happenings, I dont appear to give off any odor – always a plus!.

I did have some itchy-ness for 48hrs in one pit, but thats settled down now. 

now, all I have to do is find a replacement for my facial moisturiser – I’ve used the same brand for about 30yrs, but i noticed it has parabens in it, so it has to go as well, as they are nasty.

I’ll be back soon with a seedling update – there is action in the make do and mend greenhouse!!.


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  1. I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with this! I’ve kind of thought of trying it but… not sure. Does it leave a residue on your clothes?
    I’m hoping to try making my own soap sometime, if I can find a cheap source of caustic soda.
    PS. Do you get Wendyl Nissen’s newsletter? She has some good recipes for cleaners, beauty products etc. http://wendyls.co.nz/

    • I haven’t noticed any residue or staining, and I have been looking!. My thoughts so far is that you probably need to use it twice a day, if you have an evening function, as I don’t think it has the power to last all day. I always refreshed before heading out anyway, so I do t see this as any different. Do think about it as there are so many toxic chemicals in mainstream deo.
      Yes, I get Wendyls email – always an interesting read.

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