December in the vege patch.


Hi all, I thought I would update where the vege patch is up to currently.


the above rose is fast becoming one of my favourites. its called Crown Princess Marguerita and has the most wonderful apricot scent.

below are some of my tomatoes. I have 3 varieties – an oxheart, a red cherry and a white cherry. those are the red cherries in the photo on the right. the top 2 have been out for about 10days, but I noticed this morning a a few more have ‘popped’ on the truss.

P1120283 P1120259

below on the left is 3 brocolli plants. not sure where I’m going to put them!. in the right photo, our new spuds for Xmas are on the left and the 2 bags on the right are yams.

P1120260 P1120262

below, on the left, a lettuce I’ve left to go to seed in order to collect them, and on the right the strawberries.

P1120263 P1120265

the runner beans are beginning to take off and on the right, my red kidney beans are looking good. I should have a decent 1/4-1/3 of a normal size jar.

P1120266 P1120267

on the left is a view of the vege plot round the back of the house. it’s really taken off in the past couple of weeks what with all the rain we’ve had. on the right is a close up on my rainbow carrots. I only ever managed to grow carrots in grow bags in the UK, so I’m pleased at how these are looking. I sowed another row today along side.

P1120270 P1120271

my pride and joy below – my sweetcorn!. this seems (touch wood!) to be my best crop of corn to date. I tried on my allotment in the UK but they never amounted to much. here they seem to be thriving – there are brick and concrete walls near the bed and I’m hoping they will help provide some extended heat from the sun which will help.

P1120272 P1120274

below is 2 of my 3 sisters bed!. I’ve planted a butternut squash beneath the corn, but wont be planting any climbing beans as I’ve got some dwarf heritage beans right next door. next year I will certainly try the whole 3 sisters system.

P1120273 P1120275

said dwarf heritage beans!. and the resident heritage moggy loving the warm soil and bricks!.

P1120277 P1120279

with less than 2 weeks to Christmas I hope you all are enjoying the holiday festivities. here at my house it is very quiet – my mother doesnt like Christmas so we have very little, if any decorations. its all rather sad really, but as I live here currently, there is nothing I can do about it!.


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