2014 in review


with 3 days left of 2014 I thought I would look back at the list of goals I made back at the beginning of the year. this is a copy of what I posted, followed by my review of each group.

JAN 2014 – personally –

*stay debt free; move into own space ( get own cat or 3!!!); continue to reduce sugar in diet; up the exercise level (from basic to a little bit more than basic!); get a job!; source vintage and second hand items for my home; read more books; see more movies; be a tourist in my own city.

DEC 2014 review – I am still debt free!. I haven’t moved out of my parents home as I need to be handy to deal with my mother. I have kept up with the low to no sugar, except for Dec, and I haven’t really enjoyed what I’ve eaten, including (shock horror!!!) Quality Street choccies!. upping the exercise is a fail – I started to walk but gave up quickly due to weather or commitments and havent got back to it!. my mother is my job currently!. I have had a nosey round second hand shops once in a while and picked up a few things to feather my future nest!. I’ve managed to read a few books during the down time – I dont have a tally however. with wanting to conserve my money I havent seen many movies at the cinema, but try and catch up with a few on sky movies. tonight I’m going to watch ‘Frozen’ for the first time, making me quite possibly the last person on the planet to see it for the first time!.

JAN 2014 – crafty –

* finish the neighbourhood by the end of March; stitch an xmas ornament each month; start and finish the snowmen; do a Project Life spread each month; crochet something to keep the stitches in my head!.

DEC 2014 review – I did get the neighbourhood finished by the end of March and absolutely love it. on the Christmas ornament a month front = epic fail!. I think I stitched the grand total of 2 and a half!. one of those I gave to my niece for Christmas. I have started the snowman, but not finished them!. I’m way behind, like 6 months behind, on Project Life. I made good progress on hexis for new blanket.

 JAN 2014 – self reliance –
* continue to work on vegetable production – get to grips with NZ planting seasons!; look into home made products – for now, shampoo, toothpaste; continue to cook from scratch; investigate eating/buying locally; reduce reliance on electrical goods if there is a hand powered option available; remove plastics from my surrounds( will need to wait til in own space most likely)
DEC 2014 review – I’m in full swing of the summer vege growing season at present and seem to be getting to grips with what you do when. the only homemade product I made and used was deodorant, and currently, I’m not using it because when the weather warmed up I was noticing a rancid smell by the end of the day. I need to investigate why or try some different recipes as I’m not prepared to use it like that. I did add extra tea tree oil but it didn’t help. I have switched to an Eco Store shampoo and soap for now. cooking from scratch is ticking over nicely, but other than farm free range eggs from friends, I’m not doing alot of eating or buying locally. I will choose NZ grown over overseas products however. reducing reliance on electricity is something that really only happens in the kitchen for now – hand beating over an electric beater for example. as a family we managed to not use the clothes dryer at all over the winter. I keep the no plastics in the back of my mind when I’m shopping for house hold items, but its only small things for now.
so, there you have it – not too many epic fails, lots of small steps and a couple of successes!.
I’ll be back with a post or two on plans for 2015!.

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