the Goals for 2015!.


well, I’m finally ready to commit goals to paper, so to speak!. so here goes –

Personally –

continue staying debt free; generate some income whilst caring for my mother; continue to keep sugar out, or to a minimum, of my diet; walk everyday; read more books (modify list going round pinterest – more on that later) – all from my bookshelf or library; participate in ‘A Novel Idea’ by Going Reno ; continue to source vintage and second items for the future nest.

Crafty –

complete 6 Christmas cross stitch ornaments; finish the snowmen by end of June; have half of the hexagon blanket complete by the end of the year; work on my artwork with a view to selling via etsy; catch up and keep up with Project Life monthly spreads.

Self Reliance –

continue to sow seeds successionally and learn the art of vege growing here; learn to process the cooking tomatoes that are currently forming; work on bread and dough making skills; research homemade deodorant more to try and solve problems thrown up by last years experiment; continue to research and learn about my dream lifestyle of off grid living.

this list doesnt seem as comprehensive as last year, but with 2 big ideas for this year, its probably not a bad thing!. I’ve carried a novel idea around in my head for the last 2yrs or so, so I’m going to try really hard at following the program set at ‘going reno’, and see if I cant have a first draft novel by the end of the 6mths. and I need to generate some income and think my art can holds its own compared to others on etsy, so I’m going to give it a go!.

exciting year…..lets go……


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