Farm sitting


I have just begun a week of looking after the animals on my friends lifestyle block (smallholding for UK, homestead for USA). I’m really looking forward to how this week will go, because it will give me a good insight into my ultimate dream – of having my own lifestyle block one day.

here are some views of the first 24hrs on the farm and most of the animals i have to care for –

P1120384 - Copy

the sky last night – somewhere over there it must have been pretty stormy/rainy!.

P1120386 - Copy

Miss Phoebe, who is blind.

P1120387 - Copy

some of the ladies

P1120388 - Copy

their ‘welcome to the homestead’ gifts this morning!.

P1120391 - Copy

two young cows

P1120393 - Copy

some of the sheep – very nosey and very noisy!. while I was taking this photo, one was inspecting my t-shirt incase there might have been some sheep goodies hiding there!.

P1120396 - Copy

one of the 5 horses – sadly, I don’t actually know their names!.

P1120397 - Copy

another of the horses

P1120399 - Copy

and, Buddy the snuggle cat, who also likes to bring ‘gifts’ – I have suggested to him that cuddles are all I need, thank you very much!.

so, I have to feed the smaller animals and check the horse and sheep have water everyday. you can see how dry it is at the moment. in addition to feeding, I have to water the vegetable garden (using what I want from it!), and the trees surrounding the house – a) to keep them alive, and b), to create a moist fire barrier!.

I have brought lots of catch up things to do, as I plan on not going out and about much since this is the first real ‘home alone’ time I’ve had since I came back to NZ. plus I have 4 books from the library if I’m sick of the other stuff!.

It’s going to hit 31 degrees C today, so I’m going to kick back, watch the one day cricket international on the silly box, cross stitch and fiddle with trying to make a linky button for my reading challenge party I’m hoping to launch tomorrow!.


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