Grow your Blog 2015


Hi there, I’m rach!.

last year I participated in the 2014 version of Grow your Blog hosted by Vicki at 2Bags Full. it was great fun travelling through hundreds of blogs, finding new ones to add to my reading list, and for me, it gave me a few new followers. When I discovered it was being held again I decided to join in again. Submissions to join in are now closed, but you will be able to read the post she will put up with all the blogs in this years party.

For those new to my blog this year, I concentrate on things home related. I’m a hermit homebody at heart!. Currently I live with my parents in New Zealand, after living in the UK for over 10yrs. I care for my mother who’s heath is ailing, and this is giving me plenty of time to indulge in crafty pursuits, reading and watching live sport!. It’s not good for the bank balance however so the resources I need must come from what I already own!.

I live in Christchurch, a city that suffered a major earthquake in 2011 and still has signs of that day as well as things to try and cheer people up as the city rebuild herself.

P1110030 P1120064

I am a crazy cat lady in training with this handsome fellow providing plenty of entertainment and snuggles!


I enjoy cross stitch. I have set my self the goal of 6 Christmas stitched ornaments this year, finishing a larger project I started last year, and beginning another large project waiting in the wings.


I also crochet, and have a hexagon blanket on the hook currently, but…have spied a CAL that looks lovely, and has only just started, so may look at that as well.


I love vintage and antique items and just love exploring second hand shops, garage sales and markets for new treasures to add to my collections.

P1120319 P1120321 P1120324

I do a monthly Project Life spread to record memories, and my blog is an extension of that. Because I spend alot of time transporting my mother around, I don’t always have Β time to do lots of other things, so doing a monthly spread has taken the pressure off, yet still allows me to record what happens each month. I’m about to get cracking with this years title page!


I love growing vegetables and have pinched spots in my mothers garden to grow some food this year, so I can get to grips with the NZ growing year, after several years growing on an allotment in the UK.


I am very interested in having some land and living as self sufficiently as possible in this day and age. I am trying out home made alternatives to mainstream chemical laden products, in an effort to lead a more natural way of life.

This year I am also following a reading challenge devised by Popsugar, and am just starting to hold a fortnightly link party for those also who are interested in taking part. come join in if you’re also following this list and blog about the books you are reading.

P1120383 - Copy 1

Once in a while I take you on a scenic trip around parts of NZ, or round my good friends farm!. and sometimes it might also be about my trip to Australia to visit my niece.

please feel free to follow me if my interests are your interests, and if you comment, let me know where you blog so I can come visit you.

Many thanks for popping by, and enjoy your trip around the ‘Grow you Blog’ blogs.


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  1. You are so organized, Rach… I love it! Needful when one has lots of interesting hobbies to share πŸ™‚

    I am one of Vicki’s GYB party 2015 volunteers and I’m happy to welcome you to the party πŸ™‚

    I’ll be following you by Bloglovin.

  2. Hello Rach….thanks for visiting my blog. Apart from the cross-stitch….yes, it looks like we have similar interests and are aiming for the same kind of lifestyle. I do belong to the Down To Earth Forum and wouldn’t miss an episode of Rhonda’s life. Lovely to meet you, and good luck with your veggie gardening.

  3. Hi there – I have enjoyed looking around your blog. I can relate to your journey of looking after your mum – I am also doing the same. I will be back to have a really good catch up of your blog – have a wonderful day! – Kerrie B at

  4. Thank you for inviting us to come and visit you. Enjoyed seeing the animal pictures in one of your previous posts – I was raised on a farm and still miss all my animal friends.

  5. Hi Rach, sending you my best wishes from Germany… I just looked around at your blog – I have 2 cats and had to smile while watching the pictures of your obviously mostly very relaxed cat πŸ™‚
    At the moment I do more sewing/quilting but I love knitting and crotcheting – what a nice idea to crochet hexies for a blanket! Kind regards, Annett

  6. What a lovely balance of things you are doing in your life Rach! Crocheting, cross stitching, vintage collecting and growing vegies – sounds a lot like my own life too!
    Hope you have been enjoying the GYB tour!

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