New Gardening Books!


I know I’m getting old when I get excited about the arrival of gardening books!.

Last year at the Ellerslie Flower Show, I brought some special publication books from NZ Gardener magazine. I really liked them as they have good local knowledge tips in them. I was aware there were more, but they weren’t on sale at the show.

roll on to this month issue of the magazine, and there on the second to last page was an add for back issues and reprinted special interest publications, for $10 each. I jumped on the phone and ordered 5!. I really wanted 6, but decided to leave herbs for a later date.

they arrived today –


they are, homegrown (plot to plate), fresh vege, tomatos, potatoes and root vege, a self sufficient type one.

they are just good no nonsense gardening information from a wealth of local gardeners and while I’m still learning the growing season here,they are really helpful!. and they have great recipes to use the produce you grow.

Plus, my parents have decided to buy a new house, so there’s plenty of inspiration for the new bigger and brighter kitchen garden!!.


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