2015 Christmas Ornaments #1


This year I have lowered the Christmas cross stitch ornaments to 6 for the year – that way, I may be able to achieve it!. I have the first one finished for the year. That is to say, the stitching is finished – its not yet made into an ornament – that will have to wait til we’ve moved and I can locate all my craft things!.

And……. I must confess, I started this last year!. We don’t need to be picky, do we?!!

My first ornament for the year is from a Prairie Schooler book, and is one of 8. I have no plans to do the others at the moment, I want to do a LHN small for my next ornament. (note to self – kit it up to take to OZ!). ( 2nd note to self – you’ve already packed away the X Stitch stash!)



I love the look of this, the 2 colours and while I’m not a big fan of back stitching, it really makes the piece come to life.

I have kept out Lizzie Kate’s fat snowmen to take away with me and I’m hoping to be well over halfway by the time I get back in mid May. there are 6 blocks on the piece, I have 1.5 finished. I’ll photograph progress in a few weeks as yesterday was the first time I picked it up this year!.

I hope to get a good chunk done tomorrow as there is a 1 day world cup cricket match between NZ and England tomorrow and I intent to beach myself on the lazy boy and watch/stitch/surf the net!.


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