some success in the garden!.


just as the vege garden is about to give up its bounty, we have decided to sell up and move north of the city!.

I’m really pleased with how the sweetcorn is going and I have a great baby butternut squash coming along. we’ll be able to enjoy the corn, but I dont think the squash will ripen enough before we have to be out of here, plus, I’ll be OZ and I cant ask my parents to remember to check it and bring it with them!.

I’ve had good success with the rainbow carrots as well – those colours held once cooked. the white one must have hit a stone on the way down!.


the corn is at the back of the plot in the photo below. as time has gone on, I noticed the corn I sowed when I transplanted the first sowing was doing better than the 1st lot. I’m putting this down to the first 9 being sown in loo rolls. I’m thinking the rolls cant have broken down fast enough for the roots to really spread out. I’ll check for sure when I dig up the plants as I remove the corn. i wont sow in loo rolls again, for sweetcorn at least. but I will definitely grow corn again!.


the butternut squash a few days ago – its twice the size now!. I’ve taken off the growing tip to encourage growth of the squash rather than the plant. I haven’t ever got this far before – I one I started in the UK didn’t survive transplanting!. I hope I’ve done the right thing, but that’s what my NZ vege book told me to do!!.


I’ve also had a case of blossom end rot on one of my oxheart tom plants. I’ve haven’t looked up what causes this yet.

a couple of the houses we looked at at the weekend had large vege beds – of the 7 houses we went into, 5 had vege beds of some form or other!. we have 2 of those 5 on our short list!.

I have planted up 2 potato grow bags with leek seedlings, so we’ll at lease had something to look forward to in the winter. I’m also going to take some celery and strawberries with me.

( and then all the excitement of planning a vege garden on a bigger scale can begin!!).


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  1. A shame to leave behind your current plot while it’s doing so well, but you could look upon it as a practise run for a bigger and better veg garden 🙂

    Those carrots look amazing. Do the rainbow ones taste as good as they look?

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