Found Treasure.


As we are preparing to move, my father and I have brought down from the loft all my boxes that have been up there since 2001!.

Man, I have more stuff than I remember!!.

I had to **cough cough** go though a lot of the boxes to check they were packed securely enough for the move to our new home and along the way came across a few things I’d completely forgotten about!.

like this –



I do not remember starting this, but I must have since I put my initials and date on it, and it was found in my boxes!!.  I love it regardless of having no memory of it!. Houses are a favourite topic of mine and I adore the colours.

it’s nearly finished – a couple of houses and a tree left, so I’m going to try and get it finished before I head to Australia. I’ll have to stitch a small 2015 on it somewhere to indicate when it was finished.

Isn’t it great to find nice surprises like this!


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  1. What’s especially nice about the surprise is that it’s almost finished so you only need to do a small amount to get it done. It’s a lovely design too 🙂

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