Heading Away :-)


Off to the sunshine and warmth I go!. In 24 hrs I”ll be halfway across the ditch!.

So I thought I would do a quick post.

I’m taking my snowman cross stitch, so thought I would post where I am now, so I can compare how much gets done while I’m away.


I’ve done a little bit in the past few weeks. My goal is to finish the block I’m on now, do another fully and start a 4th. any more than that will be a bonus.

I had a look at the project I found and featured in my last post – I think I know why it didn’t get finished. I had trouble interpreting the thread guide and did a whole lot of stitching in the wrong colour, and then mucked up one of the trees. I’ve frogged the trees now and rather than do the fancy stitch again, I’m going to do them in cross stitch. then I will frog all the bits that were done in the wrong colour and re do them correctly. all of this wont happen until I come back as I’m not taking it away with me.

I also wanted to record a couple of things from the garden because I wont be returning to this house once I leave tomorrow!.

I’m really pleased with the progress of the corn and squash. the corn will get eaten, as will the carrots that are left. the squash may not be used by us. I will give my parents instructions about the squash – its a fair size now, so it may just ripen before they move out. if not, at least I have a photo showing I can grow a squash! there are some more babies on the vine but I wont be worrying about those.




I’m really thrilled with the rainbow carrots. I had good success with them on my allotment in the UK as well. they will definitely be grown again next year.

We have put in an offer on a new house, a new build with a virgin garden. That means there will be lots of fun planning where things go. I fully intend to have a few vegetable beds and increase what we grow for ourselves.I also hope to add more fruit production as well.

there are exciting times ahead!.

I’ll be away for 2 months and should have the capacity to post. I plan to run the reading challenge party as normal on the 1st sunday of the month, and hopefully I’ll have some interesting things from share while I’m there.

Bye for now!.


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