Bullet Journalling


Hello, my name is ra ra, and I’m a planner addict!

For a little while now, I’ve been looking at planners and diary’s with a view to finding a system that I’d like to work with. I discovered the Erin Condren planners late last year, but ruled them out due to cost of both the item, and shipping from the States. it also was only a week to view spread, and I’m very attached to my month to view spreads. As i wandered round you tube and pinterest i discovered the Midori travellers notebook and bullet journalling.

this system appealed to me, as I’m a list maker and enjoy the whole crossing off thing!. but this system still didn’t work with my ideal of a monthly spread. i noticed people were making their own inserts and that got me thinking.

after trialing just a bullet journal for the week leading up to coming to Australia and the first couple of weeks here, I have moved onto the next phase of trailing a system that gives me the best of both worlds.

P1120637 (800x600) P1120638 (800x600)

In a notebook I’ve been using, I have printed off 2 months (april and may), and cut several A4 sheets to A5. I have for now paper clipped the pages in, with the month to view on the left hand side and the page to bullet journal on the right. i have chosen to colour code my days rather than have boxes for each day, that way i don’t need to rule up lines or download pre printed pages. I also don’t have loads of things each day, so just having a blank page is better for me than pre printed boxes.  I’ve added a code at the back of the notebook with the keys to the  symbols. again this list may change as I’ve come across another one on pinterest that has some different keys which could be useful.

at the end of each week, i migrate (official lingo!) any uncompleted tasks to the next week, and put a fresh weekly page on the right.

what i wasn’t liking about the systems i was seeing was all the flicking backwards in the notebooks to find your month spread for an overview of whats going on. this way solves that problem for me.  the green tab on the side of the page is for ‘next month’, where the May calendar page is ready for adding things in when they crop up.

if i like how this works, I’ll find an A5 binder i think, or I’ll look at a way of making it work for a Midori, because I really like those!.

as anyone else discovered bullet journalling?



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