May 2015 Reading Challenge


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Welcome to Mays Reading Challenge post.

Good news!! – I have 2 books to share for the challenge and one other that doesn’t fit into the categories i have left!


The first book I finished was called “At Home with the Templetons” by Monica McInerney. It was 7 pages shy of 600 pages long! This fits nicely into my book with 500 pages long category!. I started reading this while waiting to pick my niece up from school each day, so the first 200 pages or so were very disjointed and I struggled to get into the book. But suddenly it just grabbed me and I needed to know what happened next, and by the last 150 pages, I couldn’t put the book down! it tells the story of two very different families whose lives become entwined over the years. It was in my sisters book pile and to be honest, if not for the challenge I probably wouldn’t have actually read it as the subject matter isn’t one that grabs me that much. I did enjoy it in the end, but felt, for me there was a major brushing under the carpet of a central incident in the story which I felt should have been resolved better – i felt my favorite character was hard done by and I wanted her to get some peace for the incident.



my next book was “Rose River” by Margareta Osborn. I’ve put this in my ‘book set in a different country’ category. It’s set in Australia, and given I live in NZ, it is a different country!. ( the fact I read it in OZ I’m fudging over!). I just loved this book. after 600 pages of Templetons, this was a lovely read – yes, its probably ‘chic lit’, but it was heart warming, funny and romantic. I refer historical romances, but this was contemporary and I still enjoyed it. I’m planning on taking this book back to NZ to keep! it’s a love story set in the back country, with some great characters and some funny incidents. by the end of the book, which i read in about 3 days, i was wanting it to be a movie so i could get lost in its folds all over again! I’ll definitely be looking out for more of the authors work once i’ve joined the local library in the new area we’ve moved into.

The third book I read was “That Sugar Book” by Damon Gameau


I’d be following the Facebook group and decided I would get this book while I was here. While I know the message about sugar now from reading Sweet Poison, I felt I needed to remind myself and reading it in a different book might just help me get back on the sugar free wagon!. I’ve been pretty bad here – Coles cinnamon donuts are my downfall!. this was an easy read and didn’t get too bogged down by science, but gave you enough to understand why the author was saying what he said. it also recounted his personal experience in going on a sugar fueled diet for 60 days then coming off it at the other end. it could loosely fit into the “book that scares you’ category! it was a good reminder to get back on track!.


Now, its your turn -are you taking part in this challenge devised by Popsugar?

Each month we’ll share what we’ve read during the past month based on the categories set on the challenge list. We can use this link up to find more books to add to our reading pile, ask for ideas or suggestions for categories we may not be familiar with and read reviews of the books by participants. We might also gain a few more readers or cyber buddies along the way.

RULES (cos there needs to be a few!)

  • Link directly to your reading challenge post please.
  • Try to include photos of book covers, but if you can’t, at least give both the name and the author of the books you’re reviewing. Also indicate which category the book falls under ( feel free to double up, if you’re not a huge reader)
  • Keep a tally of how many you’ve read vs how many to go e.g. 3/50
  • Take some time to check out the other blogs in the party and comment, you might gain a new cyber buddy!.
  • Remember to link back to this party in your post, and feel free to grab the button over there on the right hand side of the screen. ** I still need to change the wording on the button, now the party is only monthly!.
  • Links that do not follow the rules or appear to be spam will be deleted.



4 responses »

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  2. Nice reviews.

    I might see if I can find That sugar book. I’m also trying to stay off sugar after reading the blog of Dr. Hyman, and following his detox plan. The difference it made to my health was staggering, so I’m always interested in finding out more.

  3. I always enjoy reading Monica McInerney’s books….. and it’s always good to support local authors! I have just read her latest book…
    I have a couple of the “sugar” books from a different author. very interesting reads… I tend not to eat (or drink) sugar anyway but it was interesting to find out just what contains hidden sugar though! I lost my sweet tooth a few years ago!
    Looking forward to reading some more reviews of what you’re reading :o)
    Hugs xx

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