the aussie haul and the post aussie haul!


so here we go with show and tell!!……

My first purchase was the Enchanted Forest and a set of watercolour paints that stack up for easy transportation. I also picked up 2 aqua brushes, and worked on one page while I was there. I picked up Secret Garden at the end of my trip.





I added to my funky measuring cup collection –

they are just so cute!.

P1120786 P1120808


I decided I wanted to look into getting a box set of the Australian tv drama Offspring. I’m about the only person in the southern hemisphere who hasn’t watched a single episode, but I’m lead to believe its very good and the few times I’ve watched 10mins, it’s also quite humourous. I was lucky enough to find the last box set in the shop, a left over from the Christmas selling and at a great price – not what was on the front!. I wouldnt have been able to get the individual series for that price.


of course, I cant go anywhere without coming home with books – I tried really hard to restrain myself!. you’ve seen one, but here’s the other 2 I brought –


all Australian authors and of the romantic variety about life in small towns or in the outback!.

I went to Spotlight, a hobbycraft type shop and ended up with some Project Life goodies. its the first time I’ve had any true PL merchandise!.



I love the colours of Hi sunshine on the left, and the one on the right is designed by Cathy Z, I’m a huge fan of her clean scrapbooking lines.




My sister took me to a Japanese shop where everything is less that $3.00!. I’m managed to not come home emptied handed!!

P1120790 P1120791

lots of stickers and post it notes for planners, some very cute!.

My sister also got me back into using fountain pens, giving me one before she left on her travels. then she brought me back a new limited edition Lamy with some ink!.


the green one is the Lamy, the black one is the one she got me before she went away, and the 3 in the middle are disposable ones she picked up at Paperchase! the stapler on the right turns 90%, and the flowery thing is a hole punch.

I kept seeing this shelf unit and lusting after it, and finally decided to get it and just carry it in hand luggage!. I’ve always wanted a house shaped shelf unit. its my intention to paint it white and line the back walls with scrapbook paper. please ignore the items on the shelf – I didnt even notice til I was processing the photo!. the union jack is a hamma bead creation I made while there.



Since getting back I’ve not brought much, but I did spy 2 things I really wanted –



I’ve made 2 things from this so far – the slow cooker pasta sauce is currently cooking away, and a caramel sultana cake is out of the oven and tastes pretty good!.

Below is my reading material for the next little while!. I love love love it!. its written by NZ’ers for NZ’ers so has all the information that we need to know, that foreign publications dont. I cant wait to dive in!.






well, that’s if for this edition of show and tell!.

the vegetable garden has been started so I’ll do a post about that shortly.


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