Monthly Archives: June 2015



oh my goodness, i’ve been gone how long?!.

I’m terribly sorry for being MIA since getting back from OZ. i’ve been sorting out my mother – lots of health incidents while i was away that i wasnt told about til i got back!.

i havent read any books since getting back, and think i will cease holding the reading challenge linky party. apart from me and Carole ( you star! ), and an occassional other participant, it hasn’t taken off. with me otherwise engaged, i’m not reading so dont have anything to share. i’m well behind the total i should be at by now!. i’ll keep working on reading books in line with the challenge and share those posts when i’ve got a few books to share.

i’ve been working behind the scenes on a business plan which i think i’m not far from going public about. i’m very excited about it. but it will mean less time for other things initially. it involves me having to record myself talking – super big eeks!.

the other thing i’ve been working on is establishing the vegetable plots. i’m currently trying to get the turf off the turned over ground and breaking up the soil. given that it was -4 this morning, i havent done anything today outside!. i brought a pear tree however!!.

i hope to be a bit more regular with posting and have some show and tell pics. i brought some scrapbook stash yesterday!. and i’ve discovered just how great youtube can be. i’ve never really got into it before!. now i watch that more than tv!.

anyway, thats me touching base and hopefully i’ll be back soon with something of interest!.

keep well folks!.