2015 Book Challenge update



I just seem to think at the moment I have nothing interesting to say, so havent been posting. despite those thoughts, I have been making  vegetable patch and taking photos, so I will record that in a post soon!.

Anyway, I have read 2 books in the past few weeks!. I’m well behind where I should be if I want to have a hope in hell of reading the 30 book topics I picked from the challenge list. I should be well over 15 by now, but am on only 11!. I always knew 30 books would be a challenge!.

so, here are my 2 offerings for the challenge –


yep! I read Grey!. more on that in a mo!.

Firstly, for the trilogy category I read Bellaroo Creek. I picked this up in Australia and liked the sound of it as it was 3 stories about an outback town called Bellaroo Creek. Sadly it didnt live up to my hype!. What I failed to notice on the back was it was a Mills and Boon trilogy!. Mills and Boon!!. all heaving bosoms and no action!.

My next problem with the books were that there was very little connection between the 3 books and that disappointed me. I think 1 book mentioned the character from another and that was it. I would have liked more connection and cross over about the characters. The stories themselves were ok and I enjoyed reading them, but the book then went straight onto the donate pile!. I didnt love it enough for it to take up valuable real estate on my bookshelves.

Then I read Grey!. I used this for the colour in the title category!!!.

Well, what can I say about this!?!. It was ok!. just ok!. I was intrigued to read the story from his side of the coin, but I just felt it was a woman writing what she thought was a mans point of view. I felt that a dominant male wouldnt think some of the stuff she had him thinking so it kinda lost its edge for me. it was a nothing book really and I’m certainly pleased it wasnt being sold at full price!.

so there we have it. 2 more books read!. not alot else accomplished other than working behind the scenes on my business idea.

I hope to be back sooner rather than later with a vege garden post.


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  1. Shame the books didn’t live up to your expectations, but at least it’s two more crossed off the list. I seem to have come to a halt on the challenge too. None of the books that I’m reading fit the remaining challenges, and I don’t fancy reading any of the ones that do LOL

    Looking forward to seeing your veggie patch 🙂

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