the new vegetable patch


Its time to start recording the progress of the vegetable garden at our new house. The house is a new build so the garden is a blank canvas.

We decided this would be the area that the beds would be placed.

2 PM 22 5 15

Its the eastern side of the property, so doesn’t get full sun til mid – late morning, then keeps it until around 4pm ish, in the winter. Obviously in the summer the sun will be higher in the sky and the area will have sun for longer.

Originally, we were going to extend right back to the fence line, but in the end, due to location of waste pipes, the clothes line had to be put in the back.


I then begun the fun part of digging up the ground!. I dug a rectangular bed for the main vegetable bed and a bed along the fence line that will primarily be a fruit bed. However this year it will have some vege as I get to grips with a sensible plan!.




Initially we werent going to raise the beds, but decided to as it will keep things tidier. I still have to break down the earth and remove the turf from the raised bed, but have completed the task for the berry bed behind.

the berry bed currently has broad beans, lettuce, strawberries, raspberries and a pear tree which i’m going to espalier on the fence.






This view shows where the compost bin is – there is a second one now beside it. you can make out the grey pole of the clothes line behind the green bag. that green bag had vege in it that we moved from the old house. the soil is going into the raised bed once i’ve broken down the turf clods more.

The area in front of this raised bed will most likely become another raised bed next year. we decided just to work on one this year. i want 2 however as i want us to be able to feed ourselves from the garden, therefore we have to grow enough to sustain that!.

I havent worked out what to grow this year yet. I have some seed potatoes, but other than broad beans and lettuce, i havent decided how wild to go yet. part of me wants to go gentle and really work on the soil this year, and the other half wants to get everything in the ground!. I’ll definitely have some beans and corn, but other than that, i’m not sure.

We’re just about to enter spring here in NZ, so soon it will be time to start sowing seed!.

Exciting times ahead for sure!.


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