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hibernating, gardening and cats!.


I guess as winter approaches I should put out a hibernation warning with decreased posting!. seems at the moment I have very little that’s interesting to share!. in between dealing with my mother, I stitch, read, work on my upcoming business or watch live sport. 7-0 = who’d have thought that!!. ( football world cup!)

I have 2 new edibles for the self sufficient garden – some garlic and a mandarin!. slowly but surely things arrive. I also discovered this week there is a seed saving group here in CHCH and I’m hoping to join that and be able to swap for heirloom seeds. I’m still waiting to hear back from them.

P1120035 P1120032

we’ve had a few days of lovely sunshine this week and the sun worshipper of the family has been in seventh heaven!

P1120031 P1120037


I have checked in with the colour of summer prompts, but since week 2 haven’t been able to participate since I wont buy anything for it!. I think it might be the last week tomorrow, if not, its the second to last week!.

I have photos printed to do a spread for May and June for my Project Life album – just need to crack on with it!.

after a couple of milder nights, its back to below zero tonight – I can’t wait for the warmth to arrive. I miss the radiators found in every UK  home!.


hexagon blanket.


so, yesterday i had planned to spend some time playing with the hexagon shapes i’d crocheted thus far. when i went to my crochet bag, this is what i discovered!.

the resident furbaby has discovered the properties of wool – both warmth and fun, and was having a lovely time. i even got skewered when i tried to rescue my bag.

eventually i was able to collect up the shapes and put them  back in the bag!.

so, you get an idea of some of the colours, and how much i’ve done over the course of a week – not heaps, cos i want to finish the cross stitch by the end of the month (not looking likely at the moment!)

P1110885 P1110886 P1110887 P1110888 P1110889

i’m working on a set of green currently and then a set of white. if i can get into my stash of wool in the boxes in the garage, i hope to add some blue as well.

i have no idea how many hexis i’m going to need until i start joining up what i’ve done so far. i will do that once i have a set of all the colours i’m planning on using.

”Six Dinner Sid”


I’ve had a couple of comments on the furry number in my previous post, so i thought i would give him his own special post!.

He has been visiting my parents for several years, and used to interact with one of my parents cats, now sadly in heaven. Sid would be outside rolling around, and Robbie would copy him from inside (Robbie was a ragdoll who didnt go outside!).

Sid would turn up for a few days and then disappear for a few weeks, before coming back. then late last year he started coming more frequently, looking skinny and unkept. Dad, from his walks, reckoned he knew what house Sid came from and discovered that the house was now empty. so my parents gave him a few cat biscuits when he visited. then he disappeared again for a long while – dad supposing they came back to find him and take him back to his new place.

then he turned up again looking skinny and hungry, and he hasn’t left!. my first week there back in Dec he was there when i arrived and disappeared for a week, then came back and visits each day, sleeps in the garden and hopes for a snuggle on a knee. my parents are in a quandry about what to do – they dont want to ‘steal’ him as they would hate for someone to do that to a cat of theirs, but they hate the thought that he could be abandoned. I’ve suggested they take a photo of him up to the local vet and see if they recognise him, to help them sort out what to do.

now, enough words – how about some cat porn……

P1080384 - Copy

P1080657 - Copy

my niece was desperate for Sid to sit on her knee, but it took forever to get her to sit still enough, for long enough for Sid to decide she was a comfy bed!. the towel is there to protect her legs as he likes a ‘paddle’!.

P1080658 - Copy

P1080662 - Copy

he’s not fussy where his water comes from, enjoying the paddling pool most times it was up!. and he didnt use his claws, which was lucky since the pool only came with one repair piece!.

P1080757 - Copy

gotta love crossed footsies!!.