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Crafty updates.


well, I have been slowly making things. not been as productive has past months!.

I started a Christmas ornament but still haven’t finished it!. this is Sleigh Bells, by Little House Needleworks, and really!, it should be finished by now – its only a small piece!. and I have such a cool bigger piece to start, but not til this is finished. I think I am going to relax my ornament a month challenge as I’m not keeping up with it and it shouldn’t become a stressful thing!. I’ll make them when I can and want.


I have spent time working on and joining the hexagons I’d made so far. I kinda wish I had thought to have the same colour in the centre, but I’m not going to unpick these, so I’ll save that idea for another blanket in the future. again, I haven’t been very productive. not sure why – change of season maybe?!.



on the project life front, I had started to process the photos for the march spread, but had to retake one, so have stalled. have fixed that today, so hopefully I can get that done over the next few days. then its onto April. this will be interesting as it was a quieter month for me, so, will I have enough to fill a spread?!.


I’ve had another go at making pizza dough with less flour in the recipe and that worked better, although, Ii could have halved the dough as it was still too much. the crust was much thinner though, which is what I was after. I will keep working on it!.

hope everyone is enjoying the changes to the seasons – I quite like having the different seasons, so don’t mind the winter- I’d like it even more if I had a real fire and not electricity heat however!!.



Hexi love!


I’ve been pottering away crocheting hexagons while watching sport at night and have got a nice little pile going. Each colour has 7 hexis at present. I’m still hoping to find my wool in the boxes in the garage so I can see if I have a blue that will work with these colours.

here are some photos taken in the gloomy NZ autumn. The royals have brought English weather with them!!. (the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince George have arrived for a tour of NZ)

P1110927 P1110928 P1110929 P1110930

I had a little play with pattern, but do actually know what i want to try and achieve.

excuse the un-ironed pillowcases I used to help with the light. I found them in a box that said there was a plastic bin in it. I was hoping it might be the wool bin, but it seems the removal men may have emptied all the bins I had set aside to go because apart from some linens, all there was in the cardboard box was 4 empty plastic bins!. Guess I have to open more boxes now – what a shame!!!.

hexagon blanket.


so, yesterday i had planned to spend some time playing with the hexagon shapes i’d crocheted thus far. when i went to my crochet bag, this is what i discovered!.

the resident furbaby has discovered the properties of wool – both warmth and fun, and was having a lovely time. i even got skewered when i tried to rescue my bag.

eventually i was able to collect up the shapes and put them  back in the bag!.

so, you get an idea of some of the colours, and how much i’ve done over the course of a week – not heaps, cos i want to finish the cross stitch by the end of the month (not looking likely at the moment!)

P1110885 P1110886 P1110887 P1110888 P1110889

i’m working on a set of green currently and then a set of white. if i can get into my stash of wool in the boxes in the garage, i hope to add some blue as well.

i have no idea how many hexis i’m going to need until i start joining up what i’ve done so far. i will do that once i have a set of all the colours i’m planning on using.

signing out for 2.5wks!


i’m off to the sun of the Gold Coast of Australia, to see my niece start school – woohoo – sun, warmth, swimming pool and niece!. cant wait.

so before i go an update on the neighbourhood, since i’m taking it with me. i’m making steady progress on the top row. i’m hoping to get this right hand portion, and the house in the middle completed in OZ.


i also experimented with a hexagon pattern in a solid colour with a view to doing this for my up coming blanket. not sure what i think yet. when i get back i’ll do a couple more and then make the final decision.



i have one post scheduled to go out on the 25th as part of a blog event i’ve signed up for. not tried scheduling posts before so it should be fun seeing if it all goes smoothly!.

i wont be posting over the next few weeks, but will check on comments and respond as required.

have fun in whatever you’re up to!.

gearing up for a crafty year!


i’m beginning to get into gear with this years crafty plans.

yesterday i took mum to Lincraft, a large Aussie (i think) craft store with bits and bobs for most crafty pastimes. i was kinda hoping they might have some PL stuff given its popularity nowadays, and just when i was about to give up i found a stand. i was after page protectors, and managed to get what i wanted. i just got one pack of 12 for now – which should be plenty given i am only aiming for a monthly spread. they were a lot cheaper than the recognised brands and seem ok to me. i havent had to cut any cards to fit. i didnt get an album as i have an empty AC album in my boxes which i hope these page protectors fit – another reason i only got one pack!. i’m recording things each day in the diary, indicating if i took a photo to go with it. i’ve set up a folder for PL photos on my laptop, and so far i’m sticking to the plan. when i take photos off the camera, i process the ones for the blog, and shift the ones for PL.

so here is the title page now in its page and tucked back in the packaging for safe keeping.


across the way from Lincraft was a yarn store, so i also popped in there and spied these 5 colours side by side and it hit me straight away that these colours should be for my next crochet blanket. so i brought 2 of each colour other than white, which i got 3 of as i plan on having white as the outer edge or joining colour so will need more. i checked with the sales assistant and its a brand they always have so i can stock up easily when i need to once the blanket progresses. i think i have finalised the pattern, and because i’m only using those 5 colours, it will be a square or hexagon rather than a stripe or wave. i’ll do that next time!!.


i have also begun the stitching on the first months xmas ornament. i’m planing on stitching one ornament a month so i can one day have a dedicated xstitch tree.

this is a freebie from Diane of Little House Needleworks. i only have a few snowflakes and flurries to do and its finished.  then it will need to be made up into an ornament to hang from a tree. its such a cutie.



i havent done any stitching on the neighbourhood so far this year, but hopefully i’ll get back into it at the weekend. i’m heading to Australia for 2  1/2wks and will be taking it with me so i’m hoping i can get a good chunk done there between dips in the pool!!.

so, there you have it – the plans for the year on the craft front. wonder how long i’ll keep it going!!.

my simple crochet cowl


Back in October i went to the Stitch and Knit show at Ally Pally. i brought a beautifully soft skein of soft pink wool. i really wish i’d brought more its so snuggly!!. at the time i had no idea on what i’d do with it, but over the weekend i decided a would make a cowl with it as i’d sent my woolly scarf back to NZ in my 1st box shipment in May. i searched Raverly, Attic24 and pinterest and realised that i could make this without the need for someone elses pattern. so i started a chain of stitches and carried on until i had a tight fit round my forehead. then i did row after row of trebles until i came to the end of the wool, joined up the seam and it was done!. a couple of hours of stitching and i now have a lovely snuggly cowl to help keep out ever increasing cold here!.

so my lovely wool went from that devine pink wool….P1100271

to this cowl


and doing its job!.



this appears to be the only bit of crochet i’ve done all year!!.