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Found Treasure.


As we are preparing to move, my father and I have brought down from the loft all my boxes that have been up there since 2001!.

Man, I have more stuff than I remember!!.

I had to **cough cough** go though a lot of the boxes to check they were packed securely enough for the move to our new home and along the way came across a few things I’d completely forgotten about!.

like this –



I do not remember starting this, but I must have since I put my initials and date on it, and it was found in my boxes!!.  I love it regardless of having no memory of it!. Houses are a favourite topic of mine and I adore the colours.

it’s nearly finished – a couple of houses and a tree left, so I’m going to try and get it finished before I head to Australia. I’ll have to stitch a small 2015 on it somewhere to indicate when it was finished.

Isn’t it great to find nice surprises like this!


2015 Christmas Ornaments #1


This year I have lowered the Christmas cross stitch ornaments to 6 for the year – that way, I may be able to achieve it!. I have the first one finished for the year. That is to say, the stitching is finished – its not yet made into an ornament – that will have to wait til we’ve moved and I can locate all my craft things!.

And……. I must confess, I started this last year!. We don’t need to be picky, do we?!!

My first ornament for the year is from a Prairie Schooler book, and is one of 8. I have no plans to do the others at the moment, I want to do a LHN small for my next ornament. (note to self – kit it up to take to OZ!). ( 2nd note to self – you’ve already packed away the X Stitch stash!)



I love the look of this, the 2 colours and while I’m not a big fan of back stitching, it really makes the piece come to life.

I have kept out Lizzie Kate’s fat snowmen to take away with me and I’m hoping to be well over halfway by the time I get back in mid May. there are 6 blocks on the piece, I have 1.5 finished. I’ll photograph progress in a few weeks as yesterday was the first time I picked it up this year!.

I hope to get a good chunk done tomorrow as there is a 1 day world cup cricket match between NZ and England tomorrow and I intent to beach myself on the lazy boy and watch/stitch/surf the net!.

meet Mr Snowman no/ 1


this is taking a little longer than I thought it might!. had hoped to have stitched at least 2 of the snowmen by now, but other things get in the way, including the lurgy!. my self imposed headline of end of July may have to change to finishing by end of August!.

please excuse the wrinkles – I probably wont iron this until its completed!.

P1120025 P1120023 P1120024


now, onto snowman 2, the SOC2014 3rd week colour (again not working for me and my stash!), the crochet blanket, and May’s PL pages!. so many crafts, so little time…..!

summer of colour 2014, week 1


On Monday I popped over to check out the first colour combination for the challenge. aqua blue, sunny yellow and a touch of hot pink = I like!!.

My next thought was, what to do now!. I decided that I would use the challenge to make some samples for a business I’m about to launch. I also decided that the required items needed to come from my stash, so if I didn’t have a colour in yarn, fabric, or scrapbook supplies, I don’t enter that week.

so for this first week, I crocheted a dishcloth!.

Nothing fancy and by no means a perfect example, but it works for me and I’m the one who’ll be using it in the end!.

Wanna see…….

P1110999 P1120004 P1120002

I crocheted four granny squares in 100% cotton, joined them up and then added a border of double crochet to hold it all together. the raised joins will give added oommph when cleaning!.

do pop over and have a look at all those who have participated in this challenge, there’s over 100 entries when I visited just before!. the link is in my sidebar to the right!.

I have also completed the frames for the snowmen and have begun filling in the first box. in the picture below, a couple of the frames look half finished, but that’s how they are as the rest of the chart fills in the remaining edges. there’s a lot of DMC712 (for the snow!) to use on this project – at least it shows up better on this fabric!.


building snowmen!!


I’m making steady progress on 6 fat snowmen. the borders are almost finished. just the last one along the bottom, which I hope to complete tomorrow. then its onto filling in the borders!. this is stitching up nicely! now that I have all the borders in place, mostly!, I can tell I will have fabric left over which means I can make a couple of these as ornaments for either my niece or friends. I think I’ll be holding onto these charts!.

P1110996 - Copy

I’m loving the wee cardinal onto of the birdhouse!.

P1110997 - Copy


I’m kinda hoping this will stitch up quicker than my 2 month deadline as I’m so keen to see it finished!.

I’m doing a lot of this while watching basketball. for ages I didn’t get basketball!. they just seemed to trade points at each end of the court. but for some reason this year I get it and am really into the NBA finals. it helps there’s a kiwi in the OKC Thunder, so that’s the team I’m supporting!!.

It’ll be back to the real sport next weekend however, as the mighty All Blacks take on the English – should be a try feast…..for us!!.


6 fat snowmen!


given the weather outside, its appropriate to be stitching snowmen!. twas -5C last night!. snow on the hills surrounding the city!.

this is my new start – Lizzie Kate’s ”6 fat snowmen”. a series of 6 small pieces that can be finished as one large piece, which is what i’m doing.

the LK website didnt have a big enough photo of the finished piece, so i have borrowed one from this stitching blog, Stitchyangels treasures. it looks a fun website to nose round if you’re a stitcher.

6 Fat Men

I started this on sunday and this is where i am at – i have finished the blue boarder completely now.



I’m finding it a joy to stitch and i think i know my problem with Sleigh Bells, the small piece i showed a post or 2 ago. I think i prefer to stitch larger blocks of colour rather than 3 stitches here, 4 stitches there. it wont stop me stitching smalls however, because i really want a Christmas tree full of stitched ornaments!!.

I’m going to give myself til the end of July to finish this if possible, as i then have another large LHN piece i want to start!!. maybe i’ll throw another small ornament in between the two.

Mrs B-R how’s your stitching coming along?!!.

Hot off the needle!


well, its only taken a month to complete this small piece!. a month!!!.

I have really liked this piece whenever I have seen it round the web, but when it came to stitching it, I have really struggled with it. maybe its because the fabric wasn’t the recommended one therefore the colours didn’t always show up as well. maybe it’s to do with the constant changes of thread – 3 stitches, change thread, etc. maybe it was to do with needing to have a break from stitching after completing the neighbourhood piece. I can’t put my finger on it. I’m pleased I stuck with it and got it finished – the sewing into a small pillow will take place at a later date.

so, here it is –


every time I see this piece I break into song, it is so joyful and cheerful!.

next on the needle is going to be the Lizzie Kate ”6 fat snowmen”. I’m doing it as one piece and have got the recommended fabric for it!!.

btw!, if you’re keeping count, we’re 5 months (almost 6!) into the year and this is only the second ornament!. so much for one a month. can I count the 6 snowmen as part of the quota?!!.