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Christmas Windows and displays


Yesterday i took ‘LM’ 8yrs into central London for a spot of sightseeing and general noseying around. she wanted to go to M&M World!.

we got the bus in and had to change at Selfridges. we spotted their Christmas window displays and they were fantastic. luckily i had my camera with me as was able to take quite a few photos.

i wont add many captions – feel free to add your own – there’s plenty of options here!!. forgive reflections – its not easy photographing thru south facing windows on a sunny day!!.

a gingerbread town – it is amazing!.

P1100777 P1100778 P1100779 P1100780 P1100782 P1100783 P1100787 P1100788 P1100790 P1100791 P1100795 P1100792 P1100793 P1100794 P1100797 P1100798 P1100802 P1100803 P1100805 P1100806 P1100809 P1100810 P1100813

these Santas are having a few drinks!.

P1100814 P1100815 P1100816

then we headed to Covent Garden and they had this lego display encased in a plastic sphere. a couple of photos are slightly blurry as children were inclined to push on the plastic just as you were trying to take a photo!!.

P1100817 P1100818 P1100819 P1100820 P1100822 P1100823 P1100824 P1100825


9 sleeps left!.


pictures from today


while tomorrow is officially Remembrance Day, today centres around the country held their own parades and services. I was sitting watching the national commemoration from the Cenotaph in Whitehall when i became aware of drums. so i went out onto the balcony of the 15th floor apartment and saw the local parade was taking place below me.

P1100627 P1100629

with no work on at the moment, i’ve been stitching alot each day. i have got all the middle panel complete, with the expection of leaves and flowers on the edging vine. the vine is joined all the way round the bottom half of the piece and i’ve begun the house at the centre of the bottom panel. i can tell you, there was a huge sigh of relief when the vines joined up perfectly!!.



i have 2 and a half weeks left in the UK!. time is flying.

lookie lookie….


today my cross stitch orders arrived…..


snowmen charts by Lizzie Kate


the 8 Santa’s Village charts released so far from Country Cottage Needleworks

P1090395 P1090396

and ‘Little House Neighbourhood’ from Little House Needleworks. this is the one i shall be working on, as much as i want to do Santa’s Village, i didnt buy the things to make it, so am going to be good and work on the one i did buy all the bits for.

I also thought i’d show you my painting in the room i’m in – hanging on wardrobe doors. i have it out to enjoy before it has to be put away in preparation for sending to NZ later in the year.



and finally, around the corner from where i was working in Marylebone i saw this blue plaque which i had to photograph!.






Ally Pally Goodies!


this morning when i woke up (4:30am!) i decided that i would go to the scrapbook show and at Ally Pally here in north london. it is an amazing venue, and i must remember to take my camera with me one day to capture the London skyline – can see it all from here!.

i wanted a few bits and pieces for Project Life i plan to start next month. I wrote a shopping list and didnt deviate that much!. they have put the show in the large hall, and boy!, it makes a huge difference. it used to be that you had to wrestle anyone and everyone to move about. now, you have breathing space, although there were still stands where it was hard to move about.

so here is my haul, plus the first plays – love the stensil and the effects of the distress ink!.

Olympic thoughts on super saturday!


Firstly, NZ, added one bronze to their total, making 7 altogether.

But oh what a day for Team GB – loads of golds – 2 in the rowing, 3 in track and field, at least 1 in cycling – so emotional to watch, because even tho i will always cheer for my kiwis first, i will support the country i live in.( except the rugby team, cos its fun to wind up my friends!!).

Then Michael Phelps – what can you say?!. offically the greatest olympian ever with the largest medal haul. I doubt in my lifetime i will see another sportsman or women win for than 18 gold medals.

well done London, you’re putting on a great show!.

Olympics Opening Ceremony


The Olympics have come to London. I watched from the comfort of my sofa – for 2 reasons –

1 = i couldnt afford a ticket!

2 = even if i could have afforded it, i wouldnt have been able to cope with the crowds and the queues!!.

I’m very bar humbug about being at events, i’m quite happy to have a comfy seat at home with a good view, the fridge and toilet nearby!.

I sat down to watch and this happened …….Image

My new flat appears to be in the flight path for the Red Arrows after they have flown over events in central London. So when i saw they were going over the Olympic Stadium i ran to my front window and looked to see if i could see them. I saw them off in the distance heading west, then they banked but i couldn’t tell if it was to the north or south. Then i saw the ‘headlights’, and knew they were coming my way.

Later after the ceremony was finished and the fireworks started, i again went to my front window, and could see the colours lighting up the sky to the east and hear the booms as they went off.

So, while i wasnt there, i got to experience some bits first hand rather than thru the telly!.

My best bits = Mr Bean on keyboard!, James Bond and the Queen, the lighting of the cauldron, and knowing there were descendants of Emily Pankhurst in the group of women depicting the woman’s movement.

Right, now, give it heaps Kiwis!!.