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Sourdough starter update


goodness, has it really been that long!!?!.

well, I thought I would show where I’m at with the sour dough starter.

P1120202 P1120204

on the left is the starter on the 12th, and the right, the next day. the 13th was the final day i needed to feed it according to the instructions i was using. from then, i was to either progress to making a loaf, or putting it in the fridge until such time i wanted to make a loaf.

because I had a lot on I decided to just put the starter in the fridge. I got a big enough container for it as the instructions said it would continue to grow. I’m now beginning to wonder if there is a problem with my starter as it hasn’t seemed to grown any more since going into the fridge. later this week i plan to make a loaf so I’ll see how things are then. I’ll share photos, even if it turns out like a brick!!.

in other news – I’m reading a lot at the moment ( bodice rippers – the shame!) , so not being crafty. my plan to make 3 cross stitch ornaments is coming unstuck, cos I haven’t done any stitching for about a month!. I’m way behind on Project Life, but a couple of days will sort that, and now its warmer in my bedroom, I should be able to get that caught up. no crochet lately – the hexi blanket will have to be a long term project!!.

I have been doing some abstract art, but I’m not ready to share that yet!.

and, I have been keeping on top of the vegetables – a successful month of successional sowing so far!.

hopefully I wont leave it too long between posts this time – I’ve been taking photos!.


starting sourdough


for quite some time now, i have wanted to make a sourdough starter. after doing some research online and in a few bread books i have i found some easy instructions and tonight got things going.

P1120201 P1120200

i now have to feed it everyday for the next 5 ish, and then hopefully i will have a nice yeasty ‘mother’ as i believe its called!.

i had always understood it was just a flour/water concoction to get things going capturing organisms from the air, but came across recipes that had yoghurt and apple in the first day starter.

i hope to photograph progress over the next week!. (although i may not show the first bread made, as my history of making bread is laughable!!)

if you make a starter, what do you use/do?