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two things……


i’m trying really hard to meet my self imposed deadline of finishing the neighbourhood by the end of the month = monday!. i’ve sat and had a couple of really good sessions on it this week and i think i may be able to make it after all.

this is where i ended today – the border meets up at the top as well!. massive phew!.


all thats left is the leaves on the tree, the second woman and a basket beside her, then the remaining leaves and flowers around the border. i’m going to need to buy another skein of thread for all the leaves. the pattern doesnt say you need two skeins, but i’m going to need another one!.

the other thing to report today, that i’m a little giddy about is this plant to add to my small but growing stock pile of self reliance plants for the future. its a pine nut tree!. for some reason this morning i was thinking about looking into growing pine nuts, and low and behold, when i took my mother to a garden centre, there they were!. on top of that, the price was reduced at the till, so i saved money!. my mother thought i was bonkers!!.



i’m reading Down to Earth by Rhonda Hetzel at the moment, and i think thats where the idea for being prepared came from, re the pine nuts!.

plus, i am bonkers really!!.