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Ballerina Mural


I’ve known since the summer there was a large mural on the back wall of a damaged building in the centre of town. it is of a ballerina and looked amazing in the few photos I’d seen of it. I decided I wanted to see it for myself so I pottered out to look and photograph it recently.

I was heading for the street it faced, but found I couldn’t access the street from the one I was in. so after a few trips round a few blocks thanks to road closures I ended up next the Edmonds Band Rotunda, which ended up being the perfect spot to get some good photos.

P1120064 P1120065

I think its an amazing piece of work and I’m glad I saw it first hand before its lost behind new buildings.

we’re having unseasonably warm weather today and I noticed this little fellow looking for food. being out of wack with seasonal stuff here still, I’m not sure it we should be seeing monach butterflies yet!. it was very pretty tho!.






not alot else going at the moment – pottering in the garden, getting it ready for spring, bit of stitching, reading and being the general dogs body!.


Paradise found!


a week ago i was walking along Lake Wanaka, and loving every minute of it!. i took a mountain of photos of the trip down to Central Otago. i’d never been to this part of NZ before!. i loved every minute of it and want to move down there permanently!. i have ancestors from this area, although we didn’t go hunting any this trip. the purpose of this trip was for my mother to spend time with a 91yr friend summering in NZ from the UK. its highly unlikely when she leaves we wont see her here again, she’s so frail now.

i have selected a few photos from the week away. enjoy!!.

this is the Church of the Good Shepard on Lake Tekapo.


Mt Aspiring, not often and easily seen due to cloud cover.


Lake Wanaka

P1110562 P1110733

billed as the most photographed tree in NZ on the shore of Lake Wanaka. i was staying in a house just behind the trees to the left in this photo.


just to demonstrate how clear the water is!.


Glendu Bay. look how blue that water is!.


i was taken for a drive into one of the valleys behind Glendu Bay. eventually the road ends at a river gorge and becomes private. beyond is a high country station once owned by Shania Twain, and now held by her ex husband. through that land an extreme race is run, the Motatapu. the participants run or cycle over the ranges/mountains from here to Arrowtown on the other side!. not for the faint hearted!. as we were heading out we spotted this rocky outcrop that appealed to us, so photos were taken!.


i went on a road trip to Arrowtown and Queenstown, via the Crown Range road – the highest road in NZ!. This is the view from one of the lookouts, looking down the Shotover river over Queenstown airport to the town and Lake Wakatipu.


we hit Arrowtown first, and i have to admit to being a touch emotional when we rounded the corner and saw this routemaster. i’ve used the no.12 route many times during my time in London.


Arrowtown is famous now for its preserved history and setting. in the autumn the leaves all turn and its just beautiful. i was a few weeks too early to experience that. the town itself dates back to the gold rush in NZ in the mid 1800’s. these are original workers cottages on the main street.


then we went onto Queenstown. because the day was so clear i went up in the gondola from where i snapped these couple of pics of the town and lake.

P1110686 P1110688

while i was waiting for my ride, i had a wander around an old cemetery. lots of lovely craved headstones, and i was struck  by the amount of Irish buried there. Central Otago is often thought of as having Scottish heritage.


another day trip….this is Lake Hawea, which is next to Lake Wanaka.


Lake Dunstan, which is a man made lake. at certain times of the day if the water is still you can get great reflections on the water.


this is the Clutha river at Cromwell, another historic town we visited.


on the way down we stopped at Lake Pukaki where if shes cooperating, you can see Aoraki Mt Cook, NZ’s highest mountain. going down, she was completely hidden to water level by cloud, but on the way home you could see a little more. so that’s Mt Cook with the cloudy veil!.



this is a beautiful part of the world and i hope to return again.

Ellerslie Flower Show 2014


during the week i went along to the Ellerslie Flower Show that is an annual event here in Christchurch. I’d been once many moons ago, but cant remember much about it.

it was a lovely sunny day and i got a touch of sunburn to round out the summer (today is the first day of autumn in NZ).

i took heaps of photos and have picked out some of my favourites. i’m breaking it up into 2 posts as i took loads of photos of the bonsai display as i have a bit of a liking for this form of growing. i’ll post that in a few days.

for now a feast of sunny show gardens and a few other bits and bobs….

i liked these pod like spaces and they had yellow beans growing up then as well.


always like water!.


i really liked this pergola and seating arrangement. i could see a grape vine growing over this nicely!.


i liked the pathway leading up to the home space.


the next 3 photos are of the same garden, and i really liked the changes in level and different ‘rooms’, as well as the little birdies dotted about the place.

P1110417 P1110419 P1110420

there was a competition running for scenes made out of cans, these next 2 appealed to me.

P1110428 P1110430

in the floral tent these next 2 displays tickled my fancy….can you guess what they are?!.

P1110441 P1110452

the next 3 photos are of the overall supreme winner of the show. it wasnt easy to photograph and its not a style i would have myself, but i found it very striking.

P1110458 P1110459 P1110461

this garden only had pink flowers and was very effective, and cottagey.


dotted about the show were sculptures you could buy. i liked the lake behind these 3 balls.


and as for this orang utan, while he didnt appeal to me much, i was gobsmacked at the price – $5500!.


i have a thing for trees and these limbs are interesting!.


more sculpture that you could buy.


these last 3 photos are of a garden that was designed as a refuge for Christchurch following the earthquake. it features 185 leaves in the form of a waterfall. i thought it was lovely.

P1110492 P1110527 P1110525

well, i hope you enjoyed your trip around the show. by no means Chelsea or Hampton Court Palace Flower show, but pretty good for our little corner of the world.

back home again.


i am now back home in NZ after a great 2 1/2wks in Australia, where i saw my niece start school. she loves it and wants to be first to the classroom each morning!. long may that enthusiasm continue.

i didn’t do a lot of sightseeing, choosing to enjoy the swimming pool and doing a little shopping.

i spent my time on the Gold Coast of Australia. as i was taking this shot, a bird was flying towards me. i thought it was a seagull and think to much more, until i thought it was too big to be a seagull!. by the time i realised it was a pelican, it was too late to get my camera ready. thankfully it landed above me on a lamppost, so i was able to photograph it.

P1110267 P1110275

where i spent a good chunk of every day. my niece and i had lots of fun playing, as well as me just floating in the sunshine. i managed to get a bit of a tan!.


the main reason for me visit. this is the morning of the first day with my niece having a final cuddle with her beloved dog Lucy before heading off.


we spent a great afternoon at a creative store, where we all painted items.


this is what i was working on. the final product is further down.


i really liked this art installation at Brisbane airport.


i went to IKEA and brought 4 of these dishes – they are glass bottomed and freezer and microwave safe. i’m intending to stop using plastic for food storage once i’m in my own space. while these have plastic lids, i can ultimately i will get rid of the lids and use tinfoil.


i was checking out the DVD store for something for my dad when i spied this – i loved series one in the UK but saw about 2 episodes of series 2, so brought it, and decided cos of the deal, i’d get series one as well, that way if my friends want to borrow it that can start at the beginning.


more from IKEA = i spied this duvet and pillow set in London and really wanted it but knew i had no room left in the suitcase so left it. when my sister said she wanted to go shopping there it was the first thing on my wishlist!


also from IKEA – 2 baking mats to reduce the need for baking paper.


opposite IKEA is a fabric store, so we popped in. i brought 2 lenghts of fabric only, it could have been much worse!.


as mentioned in my previous post, my vintage treasures from the local car boot sale.


late last year i participate in a swap and in the end my gift was sent to my sister, so i finally got to see what i got. included were these gorgeous salt and pepper shakers and pelican tea towel.


the final result of my creative afternoon. i need to get some more orange paint because it got a bit close to some still wet navy paint on the journey home.


my sister took me to the Kaisercraft store. i had to go lightly!!. i ended up with this organiser,


santas sleigh,


and some bits and pieces for Project Life.


from a stationary store, i thought these would be fun for PL as well.


a weekly planner that sticks to the fridge.


aboriginal art fabric purse. love the colours in this.


and finally some books. i’d been good until i got the the airport bookshop!. i brought 2 books during my stay and 3 at the airport!. i read ‘Firestorm’ in 24hrs, i just loved it.



so now its time to crack on with Project Life spreads.

stay tuned!.

Christmas Windows and displays


Yesterday i took ‘LM’ 8yrs into central London for a spot of sightseeing and general noseying around. she wanted to go to M&M World!.

we got the bus in and had to change at Selfridges. we spotted their Christmas window displays and they were fantastic. luckily i had my camera with me as was able to take quite a few photos.

i wont add many captions – feel free to add your own – there’s plenty of options here!!. forgive reflections – its not easy photographing thru south facing windows on a sunny day!!.

a gingerbread town – it is amazing!.

P1100777 P1100778 P1100779 P1100780 P1100782 P1100783 P1100787 P1100788 P1100790 P1100791 P1100795 P1100792 P1100793 P1100794 P1100797 P1100798 P1100802 P1100803 P1100805 P1100806 P1100809 P1100810 P1100813

these Santas are having a few drinks!.

P1100814 P1100815 P1100816

then we headed to Covent Garden and they had this lego display encased in a plastic sphere. a couple of photos are slightly blurry as children were inclined to push on the plastic just as you were trying to take a photo!!.

P1100817 P1100818 P1100819 P1100820 P1100822 P1100823 P1100824 P1100825


9 sleeps left!.

Tower of London


yesterday was a lovely sunny, albeit cold, day. so i decided i would go to the Tower of London. i last went about 20yrs ago or more!. there was one tower i wanted to see the most, as well as the Crown Jewels and a general nosey around.

i had wanted to go to the Beauchamp Tower the most to see the 500 yr old graffiti. i find it fascinating that there is an 800 yr old tower with 500 yr graffiti in it. NZ isn’t offically 200yrs old yet.

my trip seemed to coincide with every classroom in England having a field trip to the Tower!. it was madness and more than a little annoying if i’m honest – not a brilliant comment from someone who works in the childcare field!!.

despite all that, i enjoyed my time. i was there about 3-4hours slowly strolling round. i saw the Crown Jewels which are incredible, the thickness of the walls of the White Tower are amazing. this tower was begun in 1080.

heres a few photos of the trip…..

P1100659 P1100662 P1100743

Queen Victoria asked that the spot where previous Queens had been beheaded be commemorated. this is what’s currently there to mark the site. when i went 20 odd yrs ago it was a small wooden box/plaque.


the Beauchamp Tower


the first floor room with most of the graffiti

P1100717 P1100688

66 is Thomas Abell, Chaplain to Catherine of Aragon

P1100690 P1100692 P1100696 P1100697 P1100699 P1100700 P1100701 P1100702 P1100705

below is by the Dudley Brothers, who had links to Elizabeth 1st.


below is by Saint Philip Howard, who also had links with Elizabeth the 1st.

P1100710 P1100711

below, this was in another tower by Hew Draper in May 1561 and it relates to the zodiac.


commemorating the location of the bones of the Princes in the Tower were found under a stairwell in the White Tower.


a fine young man in the White Tower!.


on the way back to the bus, i went and had a look at the Monument to the Great Fire of London – here’s a photo of the detail on the base of it.



i’m sharing with the ‘we call it olde link up party

in 2 wks time i’ll be back in NZ!.

Geneva Oct 2013


yesterday i returned from 2 weeks in Geneva. i was helping a family settle in there with a 3 month old baby. i got to see some sights as we went out for walks or to the supermarket each day.

last weekend i had plenty of time to play tourist and i packed much in, including trips to 2 flea markets. Geneva is a lovely city, the trees are very alpine given the proximity to the Alps surrounding the city. the leaves were turning and the colours were magnificent. but the prices were out of this world!. i had a steak and chips dinner and was gobsmacked at the price!!.

here are some photos from various walks or tours round the city.

not sure what this building was.


the water jet


roman pillars in Nyon, a town further round Lake Geneva


recently discovered Roman amphitheatre in Nyon, complete with snoozing furry friend!


looking down over Nyon towards Lake Geneva, the gardens had grape vines amongst the plantings.


this vegetable garden is in the shadow of the castle of Nyon


the wall commemorating the men who helped the reformation of Switzerland


a square at the top of the old town area of Geneva


the water jet


headquarters of the Red Cross, which was founded in Geneva


a châteaux in one of the parks we walked thru.


i found this little slice of heaven in the old town. i love papercutting and this was amazing. however, like all prices in Geneva, they were horrendously expensive.


saw this man in the street. he let a young boy have a go, which was fun to watch. the sound was so deep but lovely to listen to.


the colours of the trees were amazing


another châteaux in a park we walked thru often


another view of the above châteaux showing its view over the lake.


next up i’ll show the cross stitch update of what i managed to do while away, followed by photos of my trip to a flea market and the treasures i brought as my souvenirs of my time in Geneva.